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Feeding puppy Alabai and adult dogs: diet

Alabayev feeding differs little from feedingRepresentatives of other large breeds. To the diet of the Central Asian Shepherd, two approaches can be used: to feed with ready dry food or to cook natural food.

Each of these approaches has its own peculiarities and advantages.

Important rules for feeding alabai

  • Of meat products, alabai is best given beef and veal, with care chicken: if there is no allergy and tubular bones.
  • Pork fat is poorly digested by these dogs and therefore it is better not to give pork.
  • Also, do not give bones.
  • Some of the meat in the diet can be replaced by byproducts, but do not feed them completely to the dog.
  • Most often Alabai soup is cooked. First, the meat is cooked, and then croup is added and cooked until half-cooked. A single feed volume should not exceed two liters.
  • In addition to meat, alabai can be given not fatty marine fish. Be sure to include in the diet of porridge from buckwheat, rice, less often oatmeal, as well as cooked or raw vegetables.
  • An adult dog is fed once or twice a day at the same time.
  • If it is necessary to switch to a new type of feed, it should be done gradually, introducing it gradually into the diet for 6-7 days.

Feeding an Alabai puppy

Feeding Alabai puppiesPuppy is fed several times a day, depending on the age. It is important that the feeding of the Alabai puppy is strictly according to the regime, since the glands of internal secretion participate in digestion. They are quickly set up for a certain time.

  • It is not necessary to distribute feeding on days. The first meal should not be earlier than 7 hours, and the last - not later than 19.
  • The puppy's diet should be quite diverse. In addition to fish meat and cereals, curd, kefir, egg and vegetables are included.
  • Of meat products, a small Alabai is betterTo give low-fat beef. To a monthly puppy it is cut finely, and from two months pieces like goulash are suitable. It is useful to include in the diet beef kidneys, liver, heart, scar (stomach) but not more than 20-25% of the meat diet. Useful and safe - bones of bull veins.
  • From cereals are optimum buckwheat and rice. The most undesirable is millet.
  • The consistency of food should not be very liquid.
  • Milk is useful for a puppy up to six months, and all kinds of sour-milk products, especially cottage cheese, are also useful.
  • From vegetables are suitable: Carrots, beets, all kinds of cabbage, zucchini, salad, pumpkin, greens, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers. Absolutely not desirable potatoes. Fresh fruit can be given to those that like the dog, except for citrus and all sorts of exotic.
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