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Vaccinations for alabai puppy and adult dogs

Alabai - hardy dogs, famous for the whole world for their good health, but this does not save their owners from the obligation to do them vaccinations.

Vaccination is necessary to protect dogs from dangerousAgainst which natural immunity is powerless. Almost all owners of these dogs admit that vaccination is necessary for Alabai. But there are a lot of unclear moments related to the vaccination calendar and the choice of vaccines.

The sequence of vaccinations depends onIndividual characteristics of a particular dog, from the date of the first vaccination and from the preparation for vaccination. The starting point in the vaccination calendar is the first vaccine, on which the health of the dog largely depends.

The first vaccination for Alabai puppies

What vaccinations and when do AlabaiIt is very important to have time to do it before the shift beginsTeeth, otherwise the dog can become seriously ill during this vulnerable period. But also to make the first inoculation too early there is no sense, as small puppies receive necessary immunity with milk of mother and do not walk on the street, that reduces the risk of disease occurrence to zero.

Optimal age for the first vaccinationIt is considered 2 months, but you can do it earlier, at the age of 5-6 weeks. In this case, Alabai will pass to the new owner already vaccinated. A more correct approach is when the first vaccinations for puppies are the responsibility of the breeder. He sells his puppies after de-worming (the procedure for expelling worms from the body) and vaccination, thus providing health guarantees to small Alabai.

But keep puppies of large breed for up to three monthsNear the mother is also quite difficult, so many breeders make the first inoculation by the age of 1.5 months. It is followed by a second vaccination (revaccination) with the same drug after two weeks. It is very important that the same preparation is chosen for the second vaccination as for the primary vaccine, so if you buy a puppy between these two vaccinations, then discuss this issue with the breeder.

What vaccine to choose and which vaccination schedule for Alabai?

Now everyone prefers polyvalent vaccines,When from one graft immunity is obtained from several diseases at once. A standard set in one vaccine is protection against plague, enteritis, hepatitis and adenovirus. Popular among SAOvodov and veterinary doctors is the vaccination with the drug Nobivak Puppy (Nobivak Puppy). The vaccine with the designation DP produces antibodies against the plague carnivore and enteritis.

This vaccination can be put already in 4-weekAge. Then it repeats in two weeks. You can also choose a different vaccination plan using other vaccines from this manufacturer. The designation on the Nobivak DHP label indicates that the vaccine protects against plague, enteritis and hepatitis. This vaccine is given at the age of 8-9 weeks and repeated at 12 weeks.

You can choose a vaccine, in whichAdditionally, the protection against parainfluenza virus is included. It is called Nobivak DHPPi and is applied in the same way: the first vaccine at two months of age, the repeat at 12 weeks. The second inoculation is done approximately 7 months after the change of teeth.

The timing of this vaccination individually, allDepends on when the important period of the change of teeth has completely ended. Before the change of teeth, the second inoculation should not be done, as this is an extra burden on the body and dog breeders have noticed some deviations in the development of the dog, for example, growth slows down. Modern veterinary doctors advise not to do this inoculation at all, if before that you did a double vaccination of Nobivak DHPPi.

It is believed that this drug gives a reliableImmunity, which persists for one year. Therefore, the next inoculation you take only a year after the last inoculation at the age of 12 weeks. But if you did the first inoculation with Biovac, then the second inoculation after the change of teeth is necessary.

At the age of 7-8 months, a rabies vaccine is usually given, a monovalent drug, but there are also polyvalent vaccines, for example, Hexadog (France). This vaccine is grafted from:

  • Plague,
  • Enteritis,
  • hepatitis A,
  • Leptospirosis,
  • Rabies.

It is noted that modern imported vaccinesProduction from rabies is more sparing, and puppies are better tolerated. Although many import manufacturers claim that the rabies vaccine is valid for 3 years, but it is better not to take risks and carry out an annual vaccination against this terrible disease.

The fact is that in our country there is a high probabilityInfection from wild and stray animals, so the virus is more active and stable. The third vaccination for Alabai puppies from infectious diseases is done at the age of 12 months and then repeated annually. For 2 weeks before vaccination (except for revaccinations) are given drugs from worms.

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