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Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd): reviews

In this article we collected a few reviews aboutDogs Alabai, which at different times came to the post www.dogsecrets.ru. We think that it will be interesting especially for those who are going to buy themselves a puppy of this breed.

Reference number 1. Alabai - the best defense against thieves

Responses of owners about breed alabai

We moved from the apartment to our own house, andTo this occasion they decided to realize an old dream: to have a big dog. Before that, we only had a toy-terrier. They did not hurry with the choice, they waited until her husband made an aviary, read articles about dogs.

In the private sector, where we settled, allNeighbors were mongrels or different crossbreds of shepherds. This option, we immediately cut off, because, despite the large size of the dogs was not much use. Their main purpose is barking on the people passing behind the fence, and if anyone entered the courtyard at night, there was no sense from the dogs.

At our neighbors at such watchman even hensStolen. We needed a real guard, and we decided to take Alabai. Of course, such a dog immediately after the toy-terrier - it was a sharp contrast. But we had a lot of time, my husband was a retired soldier, and he immediately started raising a dog. Then he switched to teaching, taught him by his method.

He needed the dog not to bark in vain, andDetained the violator of our borders. He taught it precisely for the protection of our 10 hectare, that is, he shows aggressiveness only to those people who appear on our site. If I or my husband give a command: "Its!", Reggie calms down at once, but continues to observe the behavior of strangers with a frightening glance from under his brows.

As a watchman and a security guard, Alabai is, on ourLook, the best breed. About him already there is such glory that none of the local people in the yard even try to get into the yard. An important point, you need to teach the dog not to pick up food from the ground, since there was a case when we found a sausage, obviously thrown to us through the fence with the aim of poisoning the dog.

Irina, Krasnodar

Review No. 2 Alabai - punishment for lovers

I bought a girl from the Central Asian Shepherd DogA colleague at work, who has a dog. The colleague has always praised her defender and clever girl so much that I also wanted the same. I pursued practical goals: I was sick of the fact that every summer season we raided our garden, after which nothing remained of the harvest.

I bought Alice in September, I thought that beforeNext year, we will teach her everything, she will grow up and guard our dacha. Soon I realized that I made a big mistake. The apartment is big and spacious, I live with my mother and daughter-teenager. I was constantly at work, my mother and daughter took up my education with Alisa.

What has happened has not been expressed in words. Alice quickly mastered all the basic commands, she is clever, even too smart for the dog. She performs these commands only when she has a mood, all the rest of the time she does everything she wants. A couple of months in our apartment was a large uncontrolled dog, who refused to listen to us. The last straw of my patience was the moment when I caught the dog for eating my shoes.

Responses of owners about breed alabai

When I began to take them away, Alice snarled andBitten me. Immediately arose the idea of ​​giving it away, but who will take an adult, large, uncontrollable and aggressive dog. I had to go the other way: sign up with her for training courses. We went through classes individually, because she was not accustomed to the company of other dogs, and she tried not just to bite them, but to bite them.

I went through several training courses with her,Having paid a considerable sum, it is necessary to say, the training was quite tough for Alice. Certainly, we achieved certain success, now she obeys me without question, but her attitude to other family members has remained familiar, to put it mildly.

It happens that when I'm not at home, does not release myMom from the apartment, lies down before the front door and growls. Therefore, you have to close the dog on the balcony. In general, for non-professionals and for those who live in an apartment, alabai is a difficult test. When you are going to start it, then weigh your strength: physical and moral.

Elena, Novosibirsk

Review # 3 Alabai is our best friend

About Alabai write a lot of good and bad, but allEmphasize that this dog is not for an apartment, with a complex character, requires strict upbringing. We probably got an atypical alabai, or we just found the right key to it, but for our family he became the best friend.

Responses of owners about breed alabai

We live in an apartment, we decided to start Alabai,Because they came to the common opinion of the whole family about the choice of breed. We like the largest dogs, at first, really, they thought about St. Bernard, but he is too phlegmatic for us, and we love an active way of life.

Our Alabai is not that terrible babay, oh,Which tells terrible stories. Grand is completely socialized, he drives with us by car, by public transport (in muzzles), he walks with other dogs on the dog platform, however, to the unfamiliar dogs shows aggression. But local dogs have already established a schedule for their pets, and only "trusted" friends come for walks with us.

In winter, our children and their friendsHomemade double-sled. There are no problems with obedience and obedience, although, of course, my husband dealt with him a lot, and he was a dog-keeper since childhood, and served in the army along the border with dogs. Maybe this is the secret of our idyll, but our Grand for us is not so much an evil watchman as a friend.

The teams "Fas!" And "Alien!"His husband did not teach him at all, but he perfectly understands the command" Protect! ", While guarding not only a separate thing, but also an apartment, a car, children. Of course, knowing what glory is about Alabai, if we go somewhere with him, we put on a muzzle, just in case, so as not to cause aggression against the opponents of big dogs.

Arina, Moscow

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