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Aviary for alabaya own hands, photo

Lovers of the Alabai breed are sure that these dogs should be kept in the cage. It is not recommended to keep it in an apartment or on a tethered Central Asian sheep dog.

Optimum living conditions for them are spacious enclosures.

Basic requirements for avalanche for alabai

  • Large area and height
  • Protection against atmospheric precipitation
  • Comfortable floor
  • The presence of a door
  • Good view of the yard

Aviary for alabaiAviary does not make sense to do small and close: It will house a booth, bowls for eating and drinking, and the dog should have free space for movement. The minimum size of the enclosure for keeping one dog is 10 sq. M. M. You can increase this parameter if the courtyard area allows, but it is not recommended to reduce it, since a small enclosure is inconvenient for the dog and for its owner.

If it is intended for several dogs, thenEach need to add a minimum of 5 sq.m. If the enclosure is built for a bitch, then you need to provide a place for future puppies, that is, make it more spacious. For males, it is recommended to make walls no less than 3 meters high, since they are able to jump high fences during the period of dog weddings in order to break free.

For the same reason, you can not put a booth forDogs in the open area of ​​the enclosure near the fence, the roof of the booth will become a springboard for the jump and increase the likelihood of escape. The floor in the building is better to make asphalt, it is not as cold as concrete.

Part of the enclosure should be covered with woodenFlooring, which does not heat up in the sun and does not freeze in winter. On a wooden floor, the dog will be more convenient, but at the same time it spoils more quickly, and it is more difficult to clean it. Therefore, wooden flooring is suitable only if the dog is walking, and she will not go to the toilet in the cage.

The simplest and most economical version of the enclosure isSimple fencing of a piece of land without a roof and without a floor. But in this case, be prepared for the fact that Alabai will make a dig in the earthen floor under the walls, and also that during the rain the dog will hide in the booth. Therefore, it is better to build a roof over a cage of profiled sheeting, ondulin or even from metal tiles.

On the front wall of the enclosure must beBe a tall door, not just a dog's lair. The door is needed not only for the exit of the dog, but also for free and safe penetration into the human structure.

You can not enter the enclosure bent, so the doorIs made standard for human sizes. The door must open inward, this requirement is also dictated by security. Outside, it is equipped with powerful metal latches with swivel locks or padlocks. The enclosure is located in such a place of the courtyard from which a good view of the whole territory opens, or where the probability of penetration to the site of intruders is greatest.

Aviary for alabaiAlabai should see all the important strategicObjects that he has to guard. Central Asian Shepherd is very powerful and strong dog, this circumstance must be taken into account when selecting materials for the enclosure. Unreliable shaky constructions will not withstand the pressure of this dog. For example, the supporting elements should be deepened to the ground by a third and be concreted. It is not recommended to use wooden fences and mesh-netting: the dog can gnaw through them.

How to build an aviary with your own hands?

There are many different projects of enclosures: From the fundamental brick constructions with the roof to simple fences made of metal mesh. Despite the fact that Alabai is a hardy dog, it is better to build cages in such a way that they protect from the cold in winter and heat in the summer.

Consider an example of an enclosure that can beBuild, possessing minimal building skills and inexpensive materials. Dimensions of the enclosure: 5 meters in length, 3 meters in width, 3 meters in height. The basis of the structure is a frame made of metal profile, welded mesh is welded to it.

Another variant

  1. Metal pipes are dug into the ground and concrete pipes are welded to them, the grating is welded to them.
  2. All metal elements are primed, cleaned of rust, covered with enamel (preferably by hot painting).
  3. A door is made from the front side of the cage, it must open inward.
  4. The latches are located on the outside and have secure locks.
  5. The floor is made of ground board, treated with a special solution from rotting.
  6. The roof is made of one of the light beams, it is covered with an onduline.

One or two walls can be polycarbonate,To protect the dog from the wind. The front part of the enclosure must necessarily remain open to create an alabai sense of spaciousness and to ensure that it always has a good view of the territory. On one of the walls of the enclosure, you can shoot the sprouts of wild grapes to create a shadow and coolness in the summer. This is one of the most economical and reliable options for keeping alabai on the site.

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