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Classification of puppy terrier Scotch

Not often, buying a puppy Scotch terrier, we think about its quality. Usually we want to buy ourselves a friend, beloved and healthy.

Experienced breeder at the time of activation (1.5 months) and the sale of puppies, as a rule, can determine their class.

Scotch terrier show class - It is assumed that the dog will participate in exhibitions and take over high places. This is the future champion. The cost of such dogs is the highest.

Scotch terrier of the breed class (Breed - breed, breed) - these dogs tooCan participate in exhibitions, but not so successfully, although they will receive an "excellent" rating. Such dogs can give excellent offspring, especially if their ancestors were of high class.

Scotch terrier pet-class (Pet - home pet) or, as they say, "onsofa". You, of course, buy an adhesive tape of the terrier, of course, with a pedigree. But the dog can have small flaws. For example, uncharacteristic tails. Or a wrong bite, or a large white patch on the chest. Or maybe he's a coward and afraid of noise. In this case, the exhibition is closed on the exhibition, the offspring of such a dog does not receive and its cost is the lowest. Although all this does not exclude that he will give you joy as much as a highborn puppy.

But, alas, it happens that once you get to the exhibition, you catch fire with exhibition excitement, and the dog can not win.

There is one more thing to think about. High-breed puppy has all the features of Scotch terrier: appearance, character, health. Buying Scotch tape terrier pet-class or without a pedigree, think whether it will match the breed descriptions? Maybe not to stint, pay a little more and buy what you want, what are you waiting for? Especially since we buy a dog for the next 10-15 years of our life.

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