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Nicknames for Alabai: names for girls and boys, how to call it

There is an opinion that the nature of his dogYou can influence it by giving it the right qualities with the right nickname. This theory has a lot of supporters, otherwise how else can you explain the fact that the name for alabai is chosen very carefully and put in it a certain meaning.

Nobody will want to name their thoroughbred representative watchman just Sharik or Bobik, everyone wants to find a worthy name for their powerful pet.

Nicknames for Alabai Boy

How to call alabaya? The most popular nicknames for Alabayev boys and girlsAppearance and character of the Central Asian sheepdogVery colorful, their powerful physique and a hard look can not be confused with other representatives of the canine world. With its impressive appearance and spiteful character, the Alabans owe their origin to the vast expanses of Asia.

Therefore, it is quite natural for thisThe breed will be an Asian name that sounds beautiful and carries a semantic load. The main thing is not too lazy to find out what the name means, sometimes a beautiful name has a disingenuous translation, for example, Garayag is tar and Dard is pain. Better choose one of the sonorous names with a suitable translation.

Aigyt (courage), Alibet (energy), Darman(Strength), Dan (dawn), Des (power, power), Jasur (brave), Joker (warrior), Zangar (giant), Zar (gold) Zor (strong), Kagish (battle), Kadir (prestige), Kashan (beautiful), Kinez (prince), Kubat (force), Mard (brave), Meder (support), Miyat (defender), Obuy (authority), Palvon (hero), Polat (steel), Sardar (leader).

But if for some reason you do not wantTo emphasize the Asian roots of his four-legged friend, you can choose for him a more familiar name for the hearing of others. There are a lot of options. For example, name your Alabai in honor of the great commander or famous hero:

  • Spartacus,
  • Caesar,
  • Odysseus.

You can compare your pet even with one of the many gods of antiquity:

  • Zeus,
  • Thor,
  • Ra.

How to call alabaya? The most popular nicknames for Alabayev boys and girlsIn the nickname you can emphasize some qualityAppearance or character of the dog: its unusual color Black (black), Duck (Dark), White (White) or excessive malice Box, Ryk, Grizzly. Sometimes a dog wants to be called some kind of talking name:

  1. Right,
  2. Combat,
  3. Sharp,
  4. Leader,
  5. Rambo,
  6. Buyan,
  7. Strong,
  8. Viy,
  9. Tarzan,
  10. Beast,
  11. Anger,
  12. Sinister.

You can choose a name from any encyclopedia, at the same time learn a lot of interesting. For the Alabans, majestic names that stand for an important title and position in society are well suited:

  • Khan,
  • The Caliph,
  • The prince,
  • Graph,
  • Don,
  • Shah,
  • Sheikh,
  • Pasha,
  • Emir

Of course, the titles of the easternLords, but it all depends on your taste. Many good nicknames can be found in foreign dictionaries. Lefort (strong), Feros (fierce), Meshan (evil). But think carefully, if you want to constantly explain to the curious surrounding the meaning of the name of your Alabai.

Nicknames for alabaya girls

For the Central Asian Shepherd Girl, it is recommendedChoose beautiful sonorous names. This dog is very devoted to its owner, fearless, naturally evil and possesses a frightening appearance. Which of these qualities you want to emphasize in the nickname of a dog, it's up to you. Some owners like contrasts and can call their Alabayka Baby or Bunny.

In this name there will be a bit of irony, but still it is better to leave it just for home use and choose one of the many sonorous options, for example,

  • Hera,
  • Gerda,
  • Alva,
  • Anda,
  • Terra,
  • Palm,
  • Elbe.

When choosing a name for an Alabai girl, you can takeThe basis of the languages ​​of the peoples of Asia and look for beautiful short names with interesting meaning in them. It is important that the names consist of no more than two or three syllables, or have a convenient short version of the pronunciation. Long names (Araxia, Gulizara) will be inconvenient to pronounce every day many times.

Name your sheepdog one of the names:

  • Athena,
  • Atik,
  • Alva,
  • Alsa,
  • Aina,
  • Bertha,
  • Bessie,
  • Bona,
  • Burma,
  • Vista,
  • Vega,
  • Vlasta,
  • Veja,
  • Vira,
  • Donna,
  • Gella,
  • Linda,
  • Rem,
  • Sato,
  • Silvia,
  • Taku,
  • Hatis,
  • Yant.

Central Asian Shepherds have a strong temper andFerocity. Consider this if you want to give your dog a warlike nickname, which will further strengthen their natural anger: Attack, Storm, Sinister, Fury. Usually such aggressive nicknames give dogs, which are going to be rigidly brought up and trained as a bodyguard.

How to call alabaya? The most popular nicknames for Alabayev boys and girlsIf you think that an Alabai girl does not need excessive deterrence of others, then name her after her beloved actress:

  • Salma,
  • Jolie,
  • Sharon,
  • Nicole,
  • Charlene,
  • Lana,
  • Anouk,
  • Monroe,
  • Lauren

If you have a rich imagination, you canInvent your dog's name yourself, experimenting with a unique combination of letters. Choosing a name is a creative process that can take the form of a game and cheer the whole family. For example, ask another dog to choose cards with letters, or at random, without thinking, type a few letters on the keyboard. Perhaps you will find an interesting name, in any case, this process will cheer you up.

How to name alabaya correctly

The main prohibitions on choosing a name for dogs are as follows:

  1. Do not give human names to the dog (this prohibition does not apply to foreign names).
  2. Do not give long names.
  3. Do not call the dog a disgraceful insulting name.

Otherwise, you can experiment how muchAny variant will be correct, but remember that the name influences the character and fate of the dog. Therefore, refrain from negative nicknames like Plague, Sin, Fear, Bes, Bitch, because you have to pronounce these unpleasant words every day. Choose a sonorous name, pleasant to the ear and filled with positive meaning.

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