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Trimming of Scotch Terrier and Silichem Terrier

Let's immediately eliminate all possible ambiguities. Like all dogs with the tough wool of a Scottish terrier and silichems - pluck out. This means removing the dead wool so that it does not interfere with the growth of the new one.

In the nature of dogs, this operation is not required, because the dead wool remains on the branches of trees and shrubs. The dog itself "plucked".

For city dogs, trimming is necessary, otherwiseThe dog itself will resemble a bush. For plucking it is necessary to have a number of adaptations and to accustom a dog to them. The main tool is a knife for plucking, also called trimming. Truth is not quite a knife, for it does not cut the wool, but only grabs it with teeth and makes it easy to remove it.

The same procedure of plucking can be madeHands. Many do so, wishing to reduce the woolen cover or make it less dense. Since we are talking about already dead hair, the dog does not feel any pain. She stands quietly, relaxed. To not tire a dog it is important to tighten the skin well.

And the Scotch of the terrier and the silichem of the terrierCombing with a punch knife with frequent teeth, and then to walk all over the wool of the comb very carefully, so that not a single matted hair remains. Then you should start plucking the upper part of the neck, gradually moving to the side surfaces to better identify the shoulder blades. Then you need to pluck dorsal areas and sides.

The tail is also plucked, the longer coatLeave on the tip of the tail. The lower part is also treated with scissors. Trimming the scotch terrier involves also cutting hair with scissors on separate parts of the body. Cutting can also be done with a machine, both manual and electric.

The latter is easier to use and moreSuitable for beginners. The lower part of the neck, cheeks and the ears are trimmed, both outside and inside the auricle. The vertex can be cut or plucked. The choice depends on whether you are talking about the exhibition dog or not.

Optimal result when pluckingIs reached after a month or more. The dog, cut by a typewriter, looks well-groomed right after the procedure. For this, hairdressing scissors are taken and the wool is cut along the edge of the ear to give the ear a pleasant line and clearly pronounced. With the same tool, the eyebrows are also arranged in order.

Here an accurate eye is needed, so thatCut off excess. While the silichem's eyebrows are uniform, the terrier's scotch is divided into two strands, separated by a couple of centimeters. Now in the course are thinning scissors. They exist in two versions - with one serrated surface and two.

These are tools for the actual trimming, i.e., For final processing, to bring into harmony the cut and plucked parts. With the help of simple scissors, the wool between the foot pads is removed (otherwise it will collect dirt, and it can also collapse into lumps, making it difficult for the dog to move). Complete the care - cutting the nails.

The final touch is to hold the comb over the eyebrows andBeard and ... here is a dog in full order! As the last chord - a little shiny lotion, but this is done mainly before going to the ring. All these procedures seem complicated only for beginners, but in a whole take no more than 3 (three) hours. Trimming is carried out twice a year - during the change of wool. Of course, combing and shearing exhibition dogs is quite difficult, but she does not have much work to cut the dog-companion.

Trimming of silichem terrier is different from trimmingScotch terrier. First of all, it refers to the head. In this breed, eyebrows are retained by a single array. The shear, the back of the head, and the cheeks to the base of the ears are sheared by the machine. Beard silikem terrier is less bent forward than the Scottish terrier. Otherwise, the silichem of the terrier is trimming as well as the terrier's Scotch tape. And since it is a white dog, you need either chalk or starch to quickly clean the stained area of ​​the coat. Then it is necessary to comb the hair properly, so that it is smooth and to remove the rests of the powder. And now our silichem is ready to enter the ring!

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