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Feeding, feeding scotch terrier

Ideal feeding of terrier scotch is a dry balanced high-quality feed, without an overabundance of proteins, as these dogs are very mobile.

If the dog leads a little to a mobile lifestyle,It is necessary to reduce portions or the content of proteins, since if the animal starts to get fat, problems with the liver may occur. Terriers do not force to beg themselves to eat, so we must carefully monitor their weight.

Puppies, of course, require special food for their age. Even if they prefer the most natural and finest food in the world

It is important to remember the 2 main rules for feeding the terrier's Scotch tape:

  • The liver is much stronger in humans than in dogs. Therefore, if we do not want to harm the animal, it is necessary to eliminate fatty foods and harmful foods from its diet.
  • Dogs are predators by nature, because theyDescended from wolves. Therefore, the whole body of dogs is adapted for digesting raw food. After thermal exposure, the protein changes its properties and becomes hard to digest food, because the enzymes that secrete the stomach of the dog are not adapted to digest the reconstituted protein.

To the worst results is the presence in the stern of all kinds of chemistry - food additives, dyes, taste improvers, preservatives, etc.

Any violation of natural nutrition leads to problems of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism and, as a result, to diseases.

And if we for some reason do not manage to eliminate the violations in the diet completely, then our main goal is to minimize them as much as possible.

Feeding puppy terrier Scotch

  1. From 3 to 4 months, eating 5 times a day,
  2. From 4 to 6 months - 4 times a day,
  3. From 6 to 15 months - 3 times a day
  4. And from 15 months 2 times a day.
  • Meat: Beef (preferably with cartilage), scar, or chicken (everything is raw and sliced, the size of the pieces is increased in accordance with the growth of the puppy). You can pre-cut the day into 3, squeeze out the garlic, mix it, keep it in the fridge for a day, Then give portions, you can with vegetables. Stuffing can not be given!
  • Sea fish (raw frozen).
  • Cottage cheese
  • Kefir
  • Milk can only be dried (powder, add to the food very little, it is very fatty)
  • Cheese is limited
  • Vegetables uncooked or carrot saladWhole or grated with vegetable oil, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, Bulgarian sweet pepper, onions, garlic (add to food, necessary for the prevention of worms and other infections), etc.
  • Fruits, berries are raw and dried.
  • Kashi (if necessary): buckwheat, rice (preferably not ground), add to meat, dairy products. Porridge to give in a very small amount, but it is better not to give at all.
  • Fats, add to food: Vegetable oil is unrefined (needed for liver, intestines and wool).

Prohibited Foods in Scotch Terrier Feeding

Bones, sugar and sweet, products from white flour,Manku, oat-flakes. Meat, poultry and fish after cooking (boiled, fried). River fish, natural milk, refined vegetable oil. Exception: Bones (in raw form), can be given with teething, but only very large, which the puppy can not gnaw and eat (you can not give boiled water).

Required! Vitamin and mineral supplements

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