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Character of Scotch Terrier and Silichem Terrier

Undoubtedly, both breeds are beautiful and extraordinaryAre attractive. And what is the character of Scotch Terrier and Silichem Terrier? We know that for a long time these dogs have adapted to play the role of companions, and therefore they gradually got rid of the characteristic properties inherent in hunting terriers.

They can sit in the house for hours, notGiving voice and not boring anyone. They are quite friendly towards other dogs and can get along with them. However, it is not advisable to place a terrier with another dog of the same gender as the terrier.

The most attractive among these terriers, likeScotch and cia, the ability to live in a city apartment. These dogs with unique elegance make their way through the crowd and behave in a similarly graceful manner in the bar, like noble clients of a fashionable establishment. Therefore, they can stay and live almost everywhere, without raising any noise or commotion.

Character of Scotch Terrier and Silichem Terrier

At the same time, they retained the best featuresCharacter inherent in terriers - such as a sense of humor and a desire to play. Having gone from a normal hunter to a pet, the terrier did not relax at all. These are the smartest dogs and not for nothing clubs, lovers of this breed, made them their emblems.

Another side of the coin - the terrier is stubborn. If he wants something, he will get his own! The stubbornness of the terrier is equal to his courage. Does not the puppy, who decided to follow his mother on the curb, risk dumping (... even if only to the very abyss! ...) And let mom try to keep him, he decided so - and he will do it!

Small "scots" are so small, and not evenReach the size of a dwarf dachshund - the lowest dog in the world and can easily get confused even in the grass stems. The fall from the height of the curb is painful, apparently ... But this puppy is so stubborn. The main thing is that the goal has been achieved, and no matter how much and how many falls. As they say "The end justifies the means".

In general, the character of Scotch Terrier and Silichem TerrierJust a little differs. Scotch terrier is usually more reserved, thoughtful. While the silichem the terrier yearns to acquire the glory of the clown among the terriers. He is open to communicate with strangers, although at home he regularly performs the role of guard dog. But mostly he likes caresses and is always disposed to games.

However, this applies to the whole breed as a whole. Most often the dog is a bright individuality and all the theoretical calculations collapse. Another difference, this time not related to the nature is the length of the paws. Although both the Terriers paws are short, a few "extra" centimeters, which are in Silichem, give excellent results.

He is able to jump over an obstacle, inWhile Scotty is forced to bypass this obstacle. When you have to go down the long stairs, Silichem does not have any problems, and Scotch does not like it.

Fans of this breed crave not only prizes,Received by their dogs. They also like to surround themselves with objects depicting a favorite breed. Owners of other breeds always, therefore, envied the owners of Scotch Terriers.

Character of Scotch Terrier and Silichem Terrier

This dog, undoubtedly, is the best, whichCan be depicted in a stylized form. You can easily surround yourself with souvenirs, the creators of which were inspired by their favorites. Incredible quantity of things that would not have given the appearance of Scotch terrier. Pillows, benches, kitchen cutting boards and ... oh, lovely! - Jewelry! Any conceited mistress of Scotch and just a passionate lover of this breed can boast a whole collection of jewels in the form of terriers, with the image of an Scotch terrier.

Yes, these are terriers. Stubborn and self-willed, at the same time affectionate and obedient. It does not matter whether they are black or white, they can be the sweetest "shi-pusikas" or adherents of a truly British style - "you have your own private life, and I have mine ..." - a terrier is always a terrier. They never do anything by half. They should be very fond of, otherwise it's better not to get involved with this breed. If you are suitable for a terrier, pay attention to the terrier scotch, a little cute and funny, and, it seems completely naive. But if you talk with him a couple of hours, you will forever fall in love with him. And then you can not get away!

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