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History of Scotch Terrier and Silichem Terrier

Scotch Terrier treat the most ancientVarieties of terriers. It comes from the first rough-haired dogs - the Scottish terriers. His homeland is, apparently, Berkshire - an area in central Scotland.

It was there, in 1881, that the main number of dogs of this breed was formed.

Scotch terrier - not the oldest breed, but heIs one of the oldest breeds that the English Cannel Club registered. The terrier is translated from Latin as "land". His duties included work underground, hunting for badgers, for rodents, and other small animals. A lot of terriers take their origin from the British Isles, many have the same ancestors. In Scotland, for many centuries, short-legged, fearless, energetic dogs were bred, who could easily climb into the hole, discover and drive out the beast.

History of Scotch Terrier

In the middle of the 19th century, the terriers diverged in twoVarieties: short-legged black-and-white terriers from Scotland and long-legged soft-haired terriers of England. A large family of Scottish terriers included: Scotch Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Core Terrier, Sky Terrier.

In the early 19th century, they were all called ScottishTerriers, knit together. Often in one litter could be 2 or even 3 breeds. The decisive factor determining the puppy's belonging to the breed was color. Such dogs were first shown at the exhibition in 1872.

Already in 1879, Cannell Club proposed to divideScottish terriers for classes in color and type of wool. 1879 is considered the official year of the beginning of the Scotch Terrier breed. For the first time Scotch Terrier was shown as an independent breed at an exhibition in London. 13 dogs were demonstrated. Here are the first names of the winners: male Tartan and female Splinter-P.

In 1883, the club was organized "ScottishTerrier ", and his enthusiasts wrote the first standard of the breed - the standard of Scotch terrier. The main color Scotch was Brindle (brindle), Black was rare, and in 1905 the first wheat champion Moning Nip was born.

In Russia, Scottish terriers appeared and becameKnown for the remarkable clown, clown of the century Pencil (Michael Nikolayevich Rumyantsev), who went to the circus arena, accompanied by a scotch Blot. When scooter ran out, you could do nothing, everyone was already laughing.

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