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The contents of the Siberian husky in the apartment

It happens that a person really likes a particular breed of dog, and he wants to have it, despite any obstacles.

So they appear in small urban apartmentsService, hunting, shepherds and even sled dogs. If you are a fan of the husky and are determined to settle with her in the apartment, then you will be interested to learn about the peculiarities of the content of this breed in the apartment.

Dreams and Reality: Features of Husky Content in a City Apartment

Cinema created around the husky romanticHalo, which causes people to build various illusions about the content of this dog. Therefore, there are often situations where people start a cute blue-eyed wolf cub, without realizing what difficulties they are waiting for.

In the life of the Husky the movement plays a huge role. This is a very active dog, which needs a lot of time to spend in the fresh air, running and frolicking. If you keep Huskies in your apartment all the time, then gradually, maybe, it will lose its sportive cheerful mood and will lie peacefully in the corner.

However, the first months of your life together will beAre marked by such events as spoiled wallpapers, books, favorite shoes and many other things dear to your heart. You can argue that the dog will be constantly surrounded by your attention, you will raise it, and everything will be fine.

Unfortunately, often inexperienced owners do notWithstand such an exuberant energy of their pet, they understand that husky is not a sweet little dog, and they take a sad decision to part with it. Of course, not everything is so pessimistic, there are stories with a happy ending, in which the husky lives in a city apartment in love and friendship with their owner.

Husky's conditions in the apartment

In order for you to not be disappointed, youShould soberly assess the prospects that await you and your husk in the apartment. If you spend most of the time at work, and the dog will always sit in four walls alone, his howling of the neighbors, then believe me, this breed is not the best option for you.

If you have a lot of free time, youYou can give the education of a dog, and also have the opportunity to enroll in a club of Husky lovers who organize permanent competitions and training for sled dogs, then you can keep the husky in the apartment.

At the same time, it is necessary to give her enough space andStock up special toys that you can gnaw. During walks, you must actively engage with the husky, so that it moves as much as possible. Then at home she will behave more calmly.

In any case, an ideal place for this breed will be a private house and enclosure, since this dog is not a decorative destination, but belongs to the category of sled dogs.

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