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Feeding Siberian Husky: a diet of puppies and an adult dog

Siberian Husky is a fairly large dog, but it does not need much food. The ancestors of this breed always received a minimum of food with huge physical exertion.

Therefore, they formed an unusual exchangeSubstances. Also, unlike most canine breeds, husky can easily digest fatty meat. Such a metabolism is called protein-fat, and when compiling a diet of Husk this must be taken into account.

Feeding Husky Natural Food

When feeding natural food, taking into account the protein-fat metabolism of husky, in the diet of the dog should be at least 70% of meat. It is best to use lamb or beef. You can also give:

  • Rabbit,
  • Veal,
  • Horse meat,
  • Chicken and turkey meat,
  • Sometimes by-products (heart, kidney, lung, liver, tongue, scar), but only boiled.

Feeding Siberian Husky puppiesMeat should be raw, cut into pieces. Puppy is given mincemeat, but only up to 1, 5 months old. Also Husky should be given fish - boiled, sea and boneless. Approximately 20-30% of the diet should be fruits and vegetables. Raw is better to give:

  • Cucumbers,
  • carrot,
  • Tomatoes,


  • Pumpkin,
  • Zucchini,
  • Cabbage,
  • String bean.

To make the dog feel full, they give it to the porridge: Buckwheat, rice, millet. For good digestion - kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt without additives. Natural feeding should be enriched with additional vitamins and microelements.

Feeding the Siberian husky with dry food

When choosing a dry food for Husky, you need to payAttention to the amount of proteins and fats. This breed needs to take an increased amount of these ingredients. Typically, these foods are labeled as sports nutrition or for active dogs. In addition, feed should be high quality - only super-premium.

In such a feed, all the components necessary forHealth of the dog, well balanced. However, it happens that the food of different brands, although of one class, dogs are transferred in different ways. Because, you can choose a suitable food for a long time, buying only trial packs for just two weeks. During this time, the dog should be closely watched: for the state of her eyes and coat, for the chair, for activity.

Puppy should be given only puppy dog ​​foodMedium breeds, and its granules are soaked with kefir. The adult feed of the puppy is transferred not in 1,5 years, when the dog grows up, but at the age of 8-10 months. Otherwise, if the puppy is fed for a long time with baby food, the risk of developing hip dysplasia increases.

The smaller the puppy, the smaller its portion and theMore often feeding. From the birth of the puppy fed from five times a day, gradually reducing the frequency and increasing portions. Since the year the dog is already transferred to a one-time meal, which is given after an evening walk.

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