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Pregnancy and childbirth in Husky

Such an important period in the life of the beloved husky, asPregnancy and childbirth are a difficult test not so much for the dog, but for its owner, who does not find room for himself in anticipation of an exciting event: the appearance of offspring from his beautiful Husky.

Happy pregnancy Siberian Husky

The unrest of the owners is usually groundless,Because in a healthy Husky pregnancy is normal, without any complications. Still, some recommendations should be adhered to if you want to get a healthy offspring from your dog.

  • It is necessary to limit active physical activity to your husky in the first weeks after mating.
  • Subsequently, the dog itself begins to behave more restrained, not running at increased speed, although in this matter everything is very individual.
  • Substantially changing the volume and qualitative composition of food in anticipation of the day when the delivery of the husky will occur is not recommended.

Husky delivery and pregnancySuch changes can, on the contrary,A negative effect on the dog's body. It should only increase the number of foods that contain calcium. To conduct any special medical procedures during pregnancy is not required, since it is assumed that the dog was examined by a veterinarian before knitting.

Of course, that pregnancy will proceed normally only in a healthy husky, which is contained in the optimal conditions for its breed. Full nutrition, fresh air, walking withoutPhysical exertion - everything that your dog needs in the next 2 months of pregnancy. Of course, your love and support will be very useful to her.

Some owners prefer to useA modern method that confirms that the Husky pregnancy has come. To do this, they conduct a dog ultrasound procedure, which also allows you to see how much the dog expects the puppies.

Easy delivery in Husky

Although it is commonly believed that dogs can easilyTo give birth to a healthy offspring without the help of a person, it is still more reliable to control this process. If you are going to give birth assistance for the first time, you should invite a veterinarian or an experienced breeder who has experience.

Of course, it's good if everything goes quickly and easily,But just in case you need to be ready to help the dog. In rare cases, you have to do caesarean section. Usually the Husky labor lasts within one day and depends on the number of puppies. Husky-mother intuitively knows better than you what should be done with newborn puppies, that's why she is engaged in their processing, biting the umbilical cord and carefully licking the babies.

Pregnancy and childbirth in a healthy husky are successful, if you comply with all the rules of preparation for them, as well as prevent unplanned random mating.

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