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Sled dogs and Husky sport with them

Dogs are not just pets pets, they are his reliable helpers in various activities. Each breed appeared not accidentally, but for certain purposes.

The Siberian Husky breed is a sled dog that always helped people to move in extreme northern conditions.

Famous driving husks

History knows many examples of dedicationDogs, including husky. It is not known how many of these wonderful dogs died, helping a person master the boundless northern expanses. The discovery of the North Pole, and then of the South Pole, took place with the active participation of sled dogs.

Only with the help of these animals is possible the mostSafe movement in the realm of snow. Any technique can fail, and then brave travelers will not be saved from death. Husky - sled dogs that are able to work at any temperature, and during short stops they warm their people with warmth.

In the US there are monuments dedicated to the famous dogHusky named Balto, who was the leader of the team, who crossed the road in 2000 km, to deliver to the city of Nome antidiphtheria serum. This real feat, which saved the lives of many children, is worthy of admiration.

Dogs just did their job, not demanding forThis is neither praise, nor encouragement. However, grateful people remember and appreciate their faithful husky, paying tribute to the courage and dedication of this breed. In Japan, there is also a Husky monument dedicated to dogs, who had to die in the Antarctic during a research expedition. (We advise you to watch a very interesting feature film, about this event - the White Prisoner)

Horseracing with Husky

Currently, Husky sled dogs in manyCountries are used not as a means of transportation, but for carrying out interesting and spectacular sports competitions. In various countries of the world there are federations of races on sled dogs.

Annually the famous competitions are held, toWhich the husky and their owners are preparing hard to show the best results. This can be as winter races, and competitions on special carts on wheels. This wonderful dog was loved even in warm countries, where snow is a rarity.

Of course, the most spectacular are winter competitions, in which there are three varieties:

  1. Race on a sleigh run by an athlete;
  2. A race of a gun, a small sled, behind which a skier is riding;
  3. Race pairs of dog-skier, fastened with a special rope.

Husky is a sled dog that shouldUsed for their purpose, bringing joy and benefit to people. In this case, this breed will show its best qualities, which are so appreciated in it by its fans.

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