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Pomeranian Spitz: owner feedback

This dog can not but admire - a crumb withDignity is a magnificent fur coat, faithfully follows the owner, wherever he goes, and most importantly ... smiling! To take a tip about the Pomeranian Pomeranian breed, to find out if it's easy to take care of him, we asked several questions to Tatiana, the owner of the "little sun" named Trinity

- Tatyana, why did you decide to get a Spitz?

- My daughter wanted a small, fluffy dog. And then we saw these wonderful "balls" on the Internet - and we could not resist, the breed just fell in love with us. For the puppy it was necessary to go to other city, and we were afraid, that the kid badly transfers road, but, to our happiness, all has passed safely.

-A hard to take care of your pet?

- No, it's very easy. Firstly, Trinity is very "comfortable" for the owners of wool - it does not strew, covering itself all around. Secondly, the upper hair of the spitz is rigid, and underneath there is a soft under-puff, so that the hair does not get lost, does not fall down. And Trinity has been taught from childhood to grooming and other hygienic procedures. Now during moulting, twice a year, in spring and winter, we comb it out on the street, and there is no fur in the house.

"And how does Trinity behave in a walk?"

- Calmly and steadily. Especially having fun with it in the winter. At one time she tried to bring me snowballs. And while she was running after one, I was already making the second, and she often did not understand where he got it from, if she had not returned it to me yet.

Does your pet walk without a lead?

- Yes. Why? She just does not go anywhere from us. Even if I run to the side, I still keep track of the hosts. I must say that as a child, we drove her on a leash, and then realized - she does not run away, so now she walks freely.

Photo of Pomeranian Spitz, reviews"And have you been obedient from childhood or have it been specially trained?"

- No, no one trained her, she just loves her masters and therefore obeys them implicitly. But I heard that not all Spitz are like that. Like among people, there are more and less able dogs among dogs.

- Tatiana, how much does your dog weigh and what is its height?

- The height of it is 25.5 cm, and the weight should be 3 kg 200G, but recently weighed - 3,900! I wait, when it will be warmer, so that we can run on walks. Every dog ​​needs physical exertion - even a kid like a Spitz.

- Does your dog eat dry food or natural food?

- First I ate only natural, but then inThe television program about the Spitz, I heard the advice of an expert who recommended the transfer of pets to ready-made high-quality feed. He said that it is very difficult to balance nutrition on its own, and in the super-premium class food, everything is already there.

- How do you bathe the darling?

- Trying that the skin does not get wet, I everyWeek I wash only the top layer of a wool to clean up pollution - all the same the dense magnificent fur coat collects a dust and dust. In general, I arrange Trinity a big "bath" four times a year.

Is Trinity an exhibition dog?

- Yes, she was at exhibitions, has some titles.

- Did the dog pass the ringing course before the event?

- Of course, she mastered the whole course and we with herPeriodically remember the skills, although she remembers everything without it. By the way, we found the groom for Trinity at the exhibition. We liked him, and then we agreed on the binding.

"So your dog already had offspring?"

"Trinity recently gave birth to a boy and a girl,The truth is very small, but the puppies turned out wonderful. We are so attached to them that even now, having found new owners for them, we give them bones and new toys for each holiday.

- And passers-by on walks pay attention to your dog?

- Yes, many say that it is realBeautiful, clever girl. And recently a six-year-old child, who was walking by with his mother, shouted: "Mom, Mom, look! The dog is smiling! "You could say Trinity taught us to smile more often.

Owners of Pomeranian Spitz

Incredible! She is waiting for us when we leave, meets - when we return, and seems to understand every word. Another important feature of the behavior of our Spitz - she never does not need a home.

- Many do not breed dogs, because they do not like the characteristic smell of "dog" ...

"If you look after a dog, you will not feel anything like that." For example, Trinity does not even smell from her mouth.

- Does your dog scratch or gnaw things?

"I never noticed anything like this after her." Probably, this is a matter of education.

"Would you take another Spitz if you were offered?"

- I do not know of any masters who, having acquired a Spitz, would not have been in love with him deeply. Of course, someday we will definitely have a second pet of this breed!

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