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Husky education, puppy training

Any dog ​​should be properly educated. All owners know about this, but sometimes postpone this process for the future, missing the most important early months of dog life.

In addition, each breed has its own character, which must be considered for choosing a more effective method of education.

The Basics of Husky Education

The representatives of this breed are very developedA schooling feeling. Husks in the company of their kind obeys a strict hierarchy and occupies a certain position. If she is brought up in the family of a person, then she automatically transfers the system of subordination and domination to the relationship with her owner.

Of course, a lot depends on the specific characteristics of the dog, but imagine if you got a born flock leader. Of course, he will try to take dominant positions in the family. The upbringing of a Husky puppy should begin at an early age, and it does not just boil down to training the teams.

How to train a HuskyThese secondary skills can be successfully learned andAt a later age. But if you lose sight of the strong-willed character of this dog, then the cute wolf cub will turn into a real master of the house with age, demanding from you strict compliance with its rules.

This prospect clearly does not please the owners of this breed, so if they breed such a dog, they tend to bring it up in rigor to avoid disappointment.

Strict upbringing of the Husky puppy and training

Consistent submission of the dog to your willShould be manifested in everything. Even such seemingly innocent pranks as tender biting by the feet or a touching begging of delicacies at the table can later turn into serious problems.

Experienced breeders of this breed can give youMany valuable recommendations on how to educate the husky. Most importantly, it is to consolidate in the dog's mind the fact that the leader is you, not her. Further it will be much easier.

Regular educational impact in the form ofIncentives for good behavior and punishment for misconduct should be carried out not only on the training ground, but also in everyday life. For Husky is very important constant physical activity, without which her health and character deteriorate.

So if you have Husky, be prepared forLong walks, and even better, sign up for a special Husky club, which organizes competitions and just training for sled dogs. Educate your dog in severity, but at the same time do not forget about love and affection, and then mutual understanding with your pet is provided to you.

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