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How to choose and buy a husky puppy

Husky is a beautiful good-natured dog thatHas features of a nature associated with its origin and destination. If you want to buy a Husky puppy, you need to know the basic characteristics of the breed to make sure that it suits you.

Is the Husky right for you? Important points that you should know before buying

This breed is very active and energetic, the movement- this is her life. Therefore, if you are a calm person, spending most of your time at home, then this dog is not for you. The optimal variant of the Husky destination is its active participation in the competitions in sledging.

She perfectly coexists with a man with the sameSporting character, like her, and they will become a friendly team, striving for new victories. Another distinguishing feature of the husky is the tendency to dominate. This dog will not obey you for no reason, first you have to prove your leadership to it, only after that you can achieve obedience from it.

So if you decide to have a husky, thenPrepare for a strict upbringing. With the Siberian husky, a delicate, ingratiating attitude is impermissible, as a result of which it can become an uncontrolled dog ignoring its owner. A distinctive feature of the husky is a strongly developed schooling feeling, she is very poorly tolerant of solitude, she needs constant communication.

Therefore, if you spend all your time at work, coming late at night and immediately falling asleep, then choose another breed of dog or, best of all, start fish. Sometimes they buy several Husky puppies,Which is a promising move, both for breeding and for participation in competitions. In this case, the main thing, really calculate your strength and decide whether you can take responsibility for several dogs.

What kind of puppy does a Husky buy? How to make the right choice?

After you have firmly decided that youIt is this breed that is right, the next question arises: how to choose Husky in such a way that it is the best dog in the world. The answer is simple: we need to focus only on the serious nurseries that are engaged in the professional breeding of this breed.

Only in this case you get a guarantee,That you will grow husky not only beautiful and smart, but also capable of sporting achievements. Of course, you need to read as much literature as possible on the selection of the puppy, if possible, then take with you a specialist cynologist who understands this matter.

It is not necessary to choose the largest puppy from the litter, as a rule, the selection goes according to other criteria:

  • Pay attention to the activity of the puppy,
  • Its general appearance,
  • Then, as he reacts to the world around him, that is, he is not cowardly, not aggressive.

Although it often happens that future owners of the husky forget all the rules of choice, and take that fluffy lump that they just intuitively liked more than others.

If you decide to buy a puppy of a husky, then referTo this issue seriously. Some people fall so in love with this breed that they completely change their way of life, becoming active sportsmen for the sake of the happiness and health of their pet.

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