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The ratio of husky to children and cats

For most dog lovers, the question of their relationship with children is relevant. Therefore, before you start a home of the husky, it is useful to learn about how they relate to small children and other animals.

Husky attitude to children

How this breed treats children is betterThe stories about the Eskimos that brought out this breed testify. The birth of a child in this nationality is a great event, since in severe northern conditions the bearing and the first years of the baby's life are associated with various difficulties.

Eskimos use their favorite dogs inAs nannies and a source of heat. They drive the whole pack into their dwelling and stack the child between the dogs. So a small Eskimo grows, surrounded by warm and friendly dogs of the Husky breed. Of course, for modern people living in warm and cozy apartments, such excessive confidence in dogs may seem strange, but this story clearly proves that children and husks get along perfectly well.

Husky attitude to children

This breed is very friendly and friendlyRelation to all people, it is almost impossible to train attack teams against a person. It was derived for other purposes, so it is not at all aggressive. The breeders of this dog celebrate the quivering attitude of the husky to children, there are no known cases of the manifestation of the aggression of the husky to people and especially to children.

Although it should not be forgotten that geneticThe features of a particular breed certainly play a big role in shaping its attitude towards children, but the education of a particular dog also has a great influence. If the owner constantly shows his Husky a bad example, shouting loudly and physically punishing the child, then she can take such behavior as a basis.

A dog is a kind of reflection of its owner, so it must always be remembered and behaved appropriately, so that you do not wonder why the dog began to treat your children badly.

Live like a cat with a dog

Husky and cat can become good friends or,At least, to live in peace. To do this, it is desirable that they appeared in your family at about the same time. There is an opinion that the husky treat cats very hostile. The basis for this judgment was the fact that the husky is a schooled animal that survives in natural conditions by killing weaker species for its survival.

Unless specifically instructed to attack the HuskyOther animals, then your well-fed and well-groomed pet will not show aggression to cats, so much depends on the owner in this matter. Although, of course, we must always remember that the cat is a weaker creature, and regulate the relationship between their pets so that everyone is happy and no one offends anyone.

From nature, the husky is friendly, so whether she gets along with the children and cats depends only on her upbringing, which should be handled by the owner of the dog.

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