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Husky for hunting

Each dog has a direct purpose for which it was once derived, but it is believed that the hunting instinct is to some extent inherent in all the descendants of the wolf, that is, dogs.

Often people are wondering if their huskyUsed for hunting. The dispute between hunters and dog breeders Experienced hunters recommend taking specially trained dogs for hunting. There are many breeds that were taken out for tracking down and harassing different animals, which makes the hunting process more efficient and spectacular.

Pros and Cons of Using Siberian Husky for Hunting

Between hunters and fans of the Husky breed there is a dispute over the expediency of using this breed as a hunting one. Breeders remember the history of its occurrence and point out that although it was displayed as a sled dog, the northern peoples used hussies for hunting. Therefore, she retained a hunting instinct, and this breed is particularly effective in tracking down and chasing animals in the pack.

Hunters argue that the hunting instinct canHuskies are developed, but it is very difficult to teach them how to hunt. She, as a rule, successfully hunts the beast, pursues him, but to bring to her mind that it is necessary to bring prey to the master is not easy. Hunters ask a reasonable question for lovers of this breed, is there any sense to spend a lot of time and effort on learning Husky hunting skills, if for this there is More suitable breeds.

Moreover, if the Husky participates in competitionsOn driving, hunting skills can spoil her career as an athlete. Running in a harness for speed can be spoiled by an accidentally run hare, after which the Husky rushes.

Husky hunting experience

The fact that the Siberian Husky hunter's dogYou can prove by your example, having achieved good results, but this is a personal matter for every person. In principle, if one thinks so, then any dog ​​can be used for different functions: as hunting, watchdog, driving, except, of course, decorative rocks.

It all depends on the purpose for which you startedHusky, if you are an avid hunter, but you really like this breed, then you can try your hand at the husky. There are many examples of the fact that husky hunts swamp and forest game, furs and various ungulates. Moreover, there are specialized nurseries, in which a hussel line is derived, primarily intended for hunting, and not for riding.

Therefore, the debate about whether it is possible to use HuskyFor hunting, most likely, will always be conducted with varying success, because each side will find much evidence of both hunting and sports achievements of the Husky.

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