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Husky howls: why this happens, video

Each breed of dog has its own characteristics, the husky is not an exception in this case. Fans of this breed have long noticed that the husky practically do not bark, but often they howl.

Many people are wondering why the husks communicate so much, and how their howling signals.

Why do the Huskies howl?

Dog howling is a phenomenon to which peopleAre, to put it mildly, not very good. This is due to different prejudices, the darkest of which says that if a dog howls, it is not good. In addition, such a sound signal is associated in the minds of people with the howl of wild predators - wolves, so everyone becomes uncomfortable if in the middle of the night this lingering sound is heard.

Most people believe that the Husky howls likeA wolf, because this dog looks like him. In fact, the reasons are somewhat different. Zavy able to all dogs, regardless of the breed, even a simple mongrel can howl like any wolf. Dog breeders have another, more logical explanation of why the dogs of this breed are more likely to howl than to bark.

It's all about their northern origin. During the rapid movement in the cold, when the husky pulled a sledge with a load behind them, all their energy was directed to run. Lai is an extra burden that tired dogs simply could not afford, especially since barking at 40 degrees below zero is an unpleasant occupation.

Therefore, the communication of the husky dogs between themselves and theirThe owner was reduced to howling. There is also a more artistic explanation of this phenomenon. According to the Eskimo legend, the howling of the Husky is a symbol of her desperation from not following the order of God who sent her to the earth, so she told people that there is no death, but life is eternal.

Instead, forgetful Huskies, on the contrary, told people about death, and what to do if a person dies. This howl of our song is called. Modern Husky, who live in your homes, use howling as an eye-catching signal. Perhaps your favorite husky is hungry, or she wants to play, or take a walk.

The reasons for its howling can be many, in anyThe case is a way of communicating with the outside world, sometimes only available to express the desires of the dog. Sometimes husky howls not because she is sad, but on the contrary, because she is having fun, and she sings so simply.

Experienced owner will always understand why hisA favorite husky arranges such solo concerts and will try to reduce their number. Although just to take and prohibit a dog to howl is impossible, you can simply distract her attention to other more interesting activities.

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