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Pomeranian Spitz: care and content

A glance at this beautiful creature is enough to understand: caring for the hair of a Pomeranian Spitz is required regularly.

If you do not want your pet to callSympathetic views of passers-by with their filthy felted wool, then never skip the procedure for caring for it. Some owners are engaged in combing the Spitz every day, especially since the small size of the dog does not take long to create a beautiful hairstyle. But you can do it less often - 2-3 times a week, especially if your Spitz does not make long walks.

The basic rules of care for the Pomeranian Spitz

How to care for Pomeranian SpitzThe skin of the Spitz is dry, so frequent bathingHarmful, besides, the appearance of the hair is affected by combing, and not by water procedures. Due to the thick vertical upright undercoat, the wool of dogs of this breed looks well-groomed, moreover, it is recommended to intensively comb the undercoat only during molting.

In the rest of the time you need to do this carefully,So that the guard hair does not lose its support, thanks to which the Spitz also seems so fluffy. After bathing, the wool can be dried with a special hair dryer for dogs. This will make your pet more beautiful and will shorten the drying time.

An important procedure is periodic haircutClaws of the dog, which, growing, deform the paw and change the gait for the worse. To do this, gently bite off the edge of the claw with the wire cutters, so as not to touch the soft tissue and not cause pain to the dog, which she will remember for a long time.

To all procedures it is better to accustom a dog withPuppyhood. In this case, the adult Spitz will not be afraid of the soul, hair dryer and other beauty tools and all the procedures will be transferred if not with joy, then at least patiently.

Proper nutrition of Pomeranian Spitz is the basis of proper maintenance and care of your dog

Hygienic measures are important, butThe paramount importance for health is the feeding of a dog. Calculate the optimal portion for your pet is very simple: you need to rely on the average statistical data on the dependence of the amount of food on the weight of the dog.

You also need to monitor the physical stateSpitz and his behavior. If he is active and alert, then he has enough food, if he remains hungry after eating, then you need to increase the dosage a little. It is important not to overfeed the dog, but to keep it hungry is unacceptable.

Pomeranian Spitzes, as well as larger dogs, need meat that can be given raw or slightly boiled. Useful:

  • Stewed vegetables in sunflower oil,
  • Porridge from different cereals,
  • cottage cheese,
  • dairy products.

You can pamper the Spitz with an omelette or give a littleDried apricots and prunes. For the pet, you can choose a ready dry or canned food, to which you need to accustom the dog gradually. As a rule, with natural food on ready-mixed fodder mixes, it is easier to translate the dog than vice versa. Puppies, grown on dry food, becoming adults, often boycott natural products.

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