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Shih Tzu diseases

Shih Tzu is a little doggie of toy appearance,But, despite this, the representatives of this breed have strong health and excellent immunity. They are real long-livers of the canine world and on the average live 15-17 years, for a long time retaining their activity.

With proper nutrition and good care, shih TzuHealthy, although there are diseases that are more susceptible to representatives of this breed. Because of the short muzzle, shih-tzu can start losing cutters early. The loss of teeth can be accompanied by pain: the dog will begin to rub his head against the floor, refuse to eat. A jaw can appear in the mouth. To prevent problems with the teeth, you need to monitor the appearance of tartar in the dog and remove it in time.

In connection with short paws and a long back,Shih Tzu can have problems with the spine. Most often they manifest as a partial paralysis and require an immediate visit to the vet. In the chic long coat of a dog, various parasites can settle: fleas, ticks. It's not uncommon for shih-tzu and dandruff. It occurs when there is not enough fat in the animal's diet or shampoo or other carers are not suitable. They overdry the animal's skin.

From small wounds in thick wool can imperceptiblyDevelop an abscess, especially in hot weather. This is a very painful education and for his autopsy may require the help of a veterinarian. Abscesses occur anywhere on the body of the dog.

Shih Tzu diseases, symptoms, treatmentEar diseases in Shih Tzu are likely due to the fact thatThey overgrow with hair and become a favorable environment for ear mites and the accumulation of excess sulfur. Untimely leaving may result in the appearance of ulcers. The dog constantly shakes his head. Therefore, the ears of the animal should be carefully monitored and cleaned regularly. Closer to old age, the dog may experience partial or complete deafness.

Often, shih-tzu, taking care of themselves, swallow the lumps of their smart wool. This can lead to vomiting or suffocation. Therefore it is important to comb the dog regularly.

Because of the features in the skull structure for shih-TzuThe real problem is eye damage. These problems are manifested by the constant release of tears. You should carefully examine the eyes, and if there are no obvious signs of damage, you can use the usual ophthalmic ointment. In more serious cases, you should consult a specialist.

Symptoms of certain diseases of Shih Tzu

If the shih-tzu rubs backwards on the floor or on the ground, then it may signal the need for desecration of the anal glands.

The old shih-tzu often has a weakened heart. The dog often sleeps, coughs, its breathing becomes more frequent. Timely appeal to the veterinarian, proper diet and treatment will help to cope with this problem.

If the dog has yellowed eyes and mucous membranes inThis can mean liver disease. In parallel, vomiting can occur in the dog, loss of appetite, constipation, the emission of abundantly colored urine. In such cases, a specialist examination and treatment appointment are urgently needed.

Shih Tzu dogs also have: Inguinal hernia, renal failure, fungi, cataract, urolithiasis, atopy, interventricular septal defect, distichiasis (additional eyelashes), entropion (eyelid twist).

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