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Clothing for shih tzu

Shih Tzu is a fairly fluffy dog,So that in winter it is not particularly cold. And, it would seem, she does not really need clothes. However, the modern world presents many more unpleasant surprises than the weather.

First of all, it is a diverse chemical mud: stains of motor oil and gasoline, salt and other substances with which salt is sprinkled. All this poses a danger to a small dog.

Winter clothes for shih tzu

In addition, the pride of Shih Tzu is beautifulSilky wool. Especially if the dog is preparing for the exhibition and she has a long classical show-hairstyle, then she can not go out without clothes. Otherwise, after each walk, we'll have to wash and comb the fur. And this is not only tedious, but also not good for the health of the dog.

What clothes for shih tzu should be at loving owners?

Therefore, shih-tzu can not do without several overalls. The pair is needed for dirty weather, so that after each walk clothes can be washed, and a chic hairstyle, on the contrary, remained in perfect order.

For the harsh winter, you also need warm winter clothing for shih tzu, which not only protects from dirt, but also warms the dog. This can be a sintepone overallLining, jacket or coat with panties. Also, in the cold, snow and ice, the shoes for the dog are relevant. It not only warms the paws and protects the animal from hypothermia, but also helps protect against injuries. In winter, glass fragments, which are hidden under snow, and sharp ice become especially dangerous.

For the summer will also need a pair of lightweight overalls. They should be sewn from natural fabrics: cotton or flax and protect the dog primarily from ticks, which in the grass are many.

Overalls - universal clothes, but it can be replaced with a fashionable sports suit or trousers with a sweater.

Since shih-tzu is a decorative dog, the owners of such animals like to decorate and dress their pets. In summer, girls are often dressed in light dresses, and boys in T-shirts with shorts.

The modern industry of canine fashion offers and outfits for special occasions. Wedding dresses, fancy dresses, special holidays: New Year, Halloween.

You can not do shih-tzu without special accessories. Even exhibition standards require special hairstyles, for the creation of which you need elastic bands and tapes. And at home the dog can be decorated without limiting its imagination. Although this is not just decoration, if the dog has a long coat, then collecting it with the help of rubber bands, the owner facilitates the animal freedom of movement.

Photos of shih-tzu in clothes

Charming Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu in a dress

Shih Tzu with Crown and in overalls

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