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Haircut of Pomeranian Spitz, photo, price

Pomeranian Spitz is distinguished by a dense beautifulWool, especially the gorgeous collar zone and tail. To look after such a coat is troublesome, in particular also because it is quite tough. Also beautiful is the magnificent tail.

Need to shear Pomeranian Spitz

Haircut Spitz needed. It improves the appearance and makes the coat healthier: it grows thicker and better. Puppy Pomeranian Spitz first has a child's fluff, and at the age of three months it is replaced by an adult wool coat with a thick undercoat.

If your pet is preparing for the exhibition, the grooming of the dog is best entrusted to a specialist who is familiar with all the subtleties of haircuts and knows even fashionable haircuts.

It should be borne in mind that according to the standardPomeranian Spitz should not look like a sheared and therefore it should be cut at least six months before the planned exhibition, so that during this time the dog had time to properly grow.

Self-hairstyle Pomeranian Spitz: the main stages and the necessary tools

Haircut of the Pomeranian Spitz with your own hands photo

  • If the dog does not prepare for the exhibition, you can andIndependently carefully trim the hair around the root of the tail and remove from the ears, on the collar of the dog and on the paws, especially carefully it is necessary to remove the hair between the fingers, as it tends to fall off and get dirty. It's painful for a dog to step on its feet.
  • After cutting the main areas, it is necessary to trim the wool along the entire length.
  • Cut it is possible as a machine with a large attachment, soAnd scissors. But the human machine is not suitable because of the particular stiffness of the spitz's hair, so you need an exceptionally professional clipper for dogs. Also for self-hairstyle you need one-sided thinning scissors to remove excess length of hair and scissors with blunt ends for cutting unnecessary hair on the paws, ears and around the anus. This haircut is necessary regularly, so that the pet is always clean.
  • Several combs are also needed: frequent and rare metal combs and a massage brush with long metal teeth.
  • For accuracy, it is necessary to cut and paws along the circumference to the knee in front and the hock joint from behind.
  • On the tail, you can cut the wool as you like, but the standard dictates that the length of the tail on the tail should reach the dog's head.
  • However, in the hot summer and in other circumstances,When the dog is hot or it can get very dirty, the Pomeranian Spitz can be cut quite shortly. One of the most popular haircuts is "under the puppy", when the dog is cropped everywhere evenly and the length of the coat remains no more than one and a half to two centimeters. Then the Spitz looks like a funny puppy or a tiny bear.
  • You can not just shave a dog with a machine nalyso, it can never be pulled any more.
If you use these simple recommendations, you will understand that the haircut of Pomeranian Spitz is quite within your power. And perhaps the process itself you will like it so much that you want to become a professional groomer and make it a living.

How much is the haircut of Pomeranian Spitz

The price of this service depends on you will beCut your pet in a specialized salon or you are going to invite a master to your house. The average cost of cutting a Pomeranian Spitz in Moscow is from 900 to 1500 rubles.

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