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Sharley's disease. How to keep sharie's health?

It often happens that even good veterinariansAre not aware of the treatment of Sharpei's diseases, many do not know the features peculiar only to shar pei and hence give erroneous recommendations for treatment and care.

Because of this, the condition of the dog can only worsen, and afterwards your pet passes from the veterinarian to the veterinarian, and the shar pei owners begin to express dissatisfaction with the breeder and the breed ...

In fact, in dogs of this breedGood enough immunity. If the dog is not sick, then her skin does not need any rubs, they are not slobbery - all within the limits of the norm, as in most other breeds. Sharpei is characterized by the same diseases as for other breeds and they are not sick more often.

To understand sharieya, you need experience. About him most only knows the man who kept, grew and trained him, and for several years. It is the recommendations of such a person can be much more useful than the advice of a veterinarian, who in his practice treats shar pei from case to case.

Symptoms of Sharpei's Disease

Several factors affect the health of shar pei, butMainly - it is heredity, proper nutrition of the dog and care. With an illiterate diet, shar pei can breed allergies. It can be expressed in different ways: inflamed red eyes and ears, lacrimation, skin problems (redness, itching, eczema, etc.), hair loss, swelling, stomach upset, fever, general lethargy.

Allergic reaction can be immediateType (manifests itself within a few minutes after contact) and delayed type (the reaction manifests itself after a few hours or even days). Treatment includes the need to identify and remove the cause, which caused the allergy, as well as the appointment of antihistamines. It often happens that allergic reactions are associated with the wrong choice of dry dog ​​food. In this case, always consult a veterinarian. It is likely that he will advise you to use for feeding your pet hypoallergenic dog food

Sharpeya Health

Diseases of ears and eyes of shar pei

Shar pei, as well as other breeds of dogs,There may be certain health problems. The most vulnerable places are the ears and eyes. A certain concern may be caused by the skin, especially when its wrinkles are excessive. When there are too many wrinkles, microorganisms and fungi can be introduced into them. In dogs with a normal number of wrinkles, such problems do not arise.

For the prevention of disease, it is very important to clean the dog's ears. Cleaning the ears helps prevent ear infections.

Eye problems are eliminated in another way. Many shar pei suffer from anthropy. In this case, the folds of the skin hang over the eyes so that the cornea rubs. Therefore, they have to be lifted using special brackets. The whole procedure takes 5-10 minutes. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, which is done around the eyes. This operation is usually carried out to puppies when they see that superciliary folds cover and irritate the eyes.

About 50% of puppies need such an operation, which is carried out during the first 6 months.

Eyes need daily care. In dogs of this breed, eyelid folding often occurs, and as a result, on the 15th - 20th day of life, pups are usually treated. This intervention is quite enough to avoid problems with the centuries. But regularly checking the eyes, nevertheless it is necessary and in the future.

Every 15 to 20 days it is recommended to cleanDog ears, using a cotton swab for this. This procedure must be performed with great care, so as not to damage the inner ear. These hygiene measures are enough to make the dog in good health. With the exception of the aforementioned moments, sharpei is distinguished by excellent health and almost does not get sick.

Dogs of this breed can sometimes meetDefect of the turn of the century (entropy), usually in puppyhood. As a result, there is a lacrimation and blinking of the eye, diseases of the eyeball are formed. Now several solutions have been found to eliminate this disease without performing a surgical operation and it takes only a few minutes, without causing any special trouble to the owner and his animal.

The fever of shar-pei (amyloidosis) is a diseaseIt is characteristic of some blood lines of shar-pei. The puppy rises without reason the temperature to 40-41 C. This condition can be accompanied by the swelling of the hocks, the dog trembles and archs back, can be irritated and pissed. Many experienced shar pei breeders recommend in this case a triple: analgin + dimedrol + no-shpa.

Another problem that can occur with 2Up to 6-7 months for shar pei. This is a "tight lip" disease: the lower lip is snug against the lower incisors, so that the lip is difficult to pull from the teeth. At the same time the edges of the lips fall on the incisors and do not allow the teeth to close. This not only creates difficulties sharieu normally eat, play, but also spoils the dog's bite. This happens because the lower jaw can not fully develop due to the pressure of the lip. It is advisable to solve the problem before the end of the change of teeth. Tight lips require surgical intervention.

As for physical exercises, thisThe breed does not need them too much and feels great in a city apartment. Nevertheless, to maintain the muscles in good condition and prevent obesity of the dog, which can be detrimental to its health, it is necessary to make daily long walks and give it a run without a leash. In the summer season, it is better to make such walks in the morning or evening hours as sharpei, like all Molsoids, does not tolerate heat badly. More details about other dangerous diseases read in the articles: Pyroplasmosis (babesiosis) of dogs, canine pigs, rabies, enteritis in dogs.

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