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Standard of shar pei, muzzle, shar pei fur

Sharpei differs in a compact and dense physique. The skull is flat and wide, fairly large in proportion to the body.

Frontal lobe is weak. The forehead and the eye area cover a lot of wrinkles, which become thicker to the bottom and form a dewlap.

Sharpei's muzzle is long and wide. The nasal trunk is of moderate length and of the same width throughout its entire length, which gives the dog a resemblance to the hippopotamus. The nose of the nose is black and large, with a lighter pre-chestnut or beige color. Eyes dark, small, almond-shaped, deep-set.

These characteristics, in a compartment with wrinkles,Covering the forehead, give the dog a fierce look. Teeth strong and even. The incisors may have a scissor or pincer bite. A little curved fangs slightly increase the strength of the grip. The tongue and the sky are black. The gums should also be black. The ears of the shar pei are small and dense, in the shape of an isosceles triangle, located very high, above the eye level and forward.

Standard and characteristics of shar pei

Neck of Shar Pei Powerful with an abundant bosom.

Chest Wide and deep.

Back is short.

The spine rises slightly, beginning from the withers.

Shoulder Forelimbs inclined and muscular. The limbs themselves are straight, of moderate length, with strong bones. Hindquarters are strong and muscular. Pincers open and well defined. Between the hip and ankle, the paw is straight. He stands firmly on the ground, in a pose typical for a fighting dog.

The feet are short and matched. Joints protruding and high. The tail is thick and round at the base, tapering to the tip. There are 3 positions of the tail: it is most appreciated when it is high and folded into a ring. The second type of tail is an open ring. In the third case, the tail is bent over the back, but should not touch it. This position of the tail is most playful and expressive. But in any case, the tail should always be raised high and not cover the anal area.

Sharpeja's Wool Should be both short and long, up to 2Centimeters. But in no case should not be soft. All colors are allowed: from black to white. Including red, red, chocolate, apricot, cream.

Height At the withers is from 40 to 51 cm. Weight according to the Hong Kong standard should be from 18 to 23 kilograms. According to the American standard, from 16 to 25 kilograms.

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