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Feeding and eating shar pei

Among the shar pei the dog with the badAppetite and too picky, which sometimes just refuse to eat. Often improve the appetite help unloading days, exercise, change of food.

But in general shar pei are very sensitive to the composition andQuality of food. It is dangerous to overfeed, as protein overload affects the kidneys and leads to allergies, an overabundance of carbohydrates and an incorrect balance of minerals leads to problems with joints and bones. Fatty food causes liver disease.

By and large, any food product canCause allergies. Therefore, if the breeder fed the puppy with dry food, then, taking the baby home, it is better not to injure his food system and continue feeding with the same type of food. Only from the age of six and a half, when the dog is fully formed, but will show a poor appetite, it can be transferred to natural feeding.

Feeding sharieya natural food

Ideally, just pick up for your dogTwo types of meat, several types of vegetables and two types of cereals to make a menu. From meat products it is worth trying beef, lamb, rabbit, horse meat, turkey meat and chicken, but only certain parts: the head, neck, back, liver, stomach. Bands of shar pei are categorically forbidden.

Sharpay care feeding

From vegetables it is necessary to begin with carrots, beets, cabbage (including color and broccoli), salad, zucchini, pumpkin, turnips. Do not give shar pei potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and bell peppers.

Of cereals, it is better to limit rice and buckwheat. Once a week to give a pair of eggs (ideally quail), sea boiled fish, sometimes pampered with yogurt or a pack of fat-free cottage cheese.

Two meals a day is better divided into a minimumProtein morning reception (porridge with vegetables and meat by-products) and evening protein as much as possible (meat with vegetables). If the dog is overweight, it is better to reduce the amount of cereals in the diet.

For natural nutrition, it is better to add complex vitamins for dogs. Of course, dry foods are more practical and do not require additional fertilizing and vitamins, unlike natural foods.

Feeding with dry food

Healthy adult shar pei suits dry food,Designed for vigorous medium-sized dogs and containing lamb or poultry meat and rice. It is impossible to overfeed and for this purpose it is necessary to follow the recommendations of food producers. It is most advantageous to take large bags of food, but before doing this, be sure to be interested in the expiration date and calculate if the dog will have time to eat it earlier.

If the dog has health problems, it is necessary toConsult with a veterinarian and, perhaps, choose a therapeutic or dietary food. Also, a special feed is needed for the bitch or old dog.

Regardless of the type of feeding, the shar pei should always have clean unboiled water.

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