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Buy a shar pei puppy

If you do not just want to buy a dog, but alreadyEven clearly determined that this should be only Shar Pei, it remains only to choose a specific puppy. This is the most responsible choice, because to live with a new family for many years.

First, you need to decide on theThe destination of your future dog and its sex. So, if you need a representative of the breed, which will be a simple pet, then first of all you need to pay attention to the health of the puppies. If you want to participate in exhibitions, then besides the health of the puppy, there must also be a lot of special features.

By and large, if you need an exhibitionDog, then in the selection of a puppy can not do without the help of the club. We need to start with it. In the club everyone knows about the new litters, their parents, the peculiarities of the puppies. Most likely, you will be offered only to enroll in a queue in anticipation of a puppy from certain parents. If you just need a dog, then you can choose a puppy yourself, guided by the basic principles.

Appearance of the puppy

Puppy, which you would like to purchase, you needCarefully inspect. A healthy animal has clean and dry ears, shiny, not watery eyes without discharge, a moist and cool nose (if the dog does not sleep). The tongue of shar pei and the gums should be blue, but small pink spots in the tongue are allowed, as the permanent coloring does not take until half a year.

The bite should be a scissor. The backbone of the puppy should be strong, the front legs - parallel to each other and should stand strictly under the body. On the hind legs there should not be any vestigial rudimentary fingers.

The color of the shar pei coat can have one ofTwelve allowable colors from black to platinum, but it should be even, without any stains. The length of the coat can be 5-10 mm (hors). It's a spectacular looking straight barbed wool. Another type of wool sharie is called a brush. With her hair length ranges from 10 mm in the body - up to 25 mm on the tail and withers. In this case, regardless of the type of wool, no undercoat of shar pei should be.
Observe the behavior of the puppy. He must be playful and active.

Where to buy shar pei puppy

It is better not to take risks when acquiring a dogStrangers or in the market. Even if the dog looks healthy, it does not mean that for days spent on the street and in market noise the puppy did not get infected. He was stroked and taken in the hands of many people, he could be kept in the same arena with street dogs.

In addition, he may have a health defect that you can not immediately detect.

Therefore, it is safer to buy a shar pei puppy from a professional breeder or in a special nursery. At the same time, the best nurseries offer a puppy for sale with the conclusion of a written contract, in which the responsibility of both parties is determined.

The breeder or the nursery will show you the parentsPuppy to understand how the animal will look like an adult. Here you will find out all the information about feeding your pet, get the necessary memo about the diet, as well as the puppy metric and a veterinary passport with all the necessary vaccinations. Therefore, if you have a dilemma: to buy a shar pei puppy inexpensively from the hands of dubious personalities or let it be 2 or 3 times more expensive, but in a club or a professional breeder, then forget about the first option. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals of your business.

If we talk about the field of the shar pei puppy, thenA little experience of raising animals is better to choose a bitch. She is easier to educate, she is more accommodating and understands the master better. Males usually look more representative, but they are more active and tend to show character.

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