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This terrier has a baby tooth, a change, a removal

That terrier, despite its small size,Has the same teeth as the Caucasian shepherd - exactly 42. These are four kinds of teeth: incisors, canines, molars and premolars: 22 are in the lower jaw, and 20 - in the upper jaw.

For an exhibition dog it is very important that sheHad all the teeth. Although those terriers for the absence of molars are not disqualified and they with such a defect can be admitted to breeding. These terriers are born toothless and the first dairy fangs acquire by 12-16 days.

After this, premolars erupt (6 in eachEach jaw) and incisors (6 each). Milk premolars, as a rule, are 6, because they do not have the first tooth in the milk version. Although it may appear (there will be 6 teeth), but this may mean that a permanent tooth may not grow on this place.

Change of baby teeth from that terrierApproximately 2 months in the mouth of that terrier28 milk teeth are formed. Although there may be a little less, but also a little more. And with the change of teeth to permanent, they can both remain less than they should, and increase to normal. Change of teeth in the terrier In these small dogs, the change of milk teeth to permanent teeth occurs between 4 months and 6 months.

Cutters must be the first to change. At the root of the milk tooth, at that moment, the root of the molar tooth begins to form. At this time, the root of the milk tooth dissolves and the shaky tooth drops out on its own. The exhibition dog should not have milk teeth to 8 months old. But wait for this moment is not worth it.

Since the permanent teeth grow in the sameChannels, where there are also milk teeth, it turns out, if the milk does not drop out in time, then the permanent one can either not grow or be uneven. If the puppy is often sick or severely weakened, a change in teeth may be delayed in time. Therefore, during the period of changing teeth about the health of the terrier, it is necessary to take care especially carefully, to give vitamins and to protect from hypothermia.

If the milk tooth does not drop on time, it is betterAs soon as possible to delete. If it is already shaking well, you can try to remove it yourself. The tooth is gently swung with a finger until it falls out. This method is good because a small puppy that Terrier does not have to give a general anesthesia, which is very dangerous for his health and even life.

If you can not remove your teeth on your ownThat terrier, it is necessary to address to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Most commonly, general anesthesia is used, although some clinics also use local anesthesia to remove the teeth.

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