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Clothing for that terrier: patterns

Russian toy terrier - tiny roomDecorative doggie growing to 26 cm and weighing up to 2.7 kg. This is a very sociable breed, loyal to the owner, but he does not like to stay alone for long. The benefit of its size allows you to carry a dog with you, in a basket or on your hands, also it will be allowed into the hotel and any kind of transport.

That terrier contain conveniently, because their ownToilet needs, he cope with the cat's tray. But, despite its room purpose, like all living beings, it needs outdoor walks. This is necessary for both physical and mental health. And since these dogs are not only long-haired, but also short-haired, Clothing for the Russian that terrier is relevant almost all the year round.

Walking clothes for that terrier

Knitted clothes for Russian that terrier photo

First of all, it will require warm winter clothes. The most practical model is a fleece or synthepone coveralls, possibly with a bolognese top. Buy clothes for those terriers can be at a pet store or online store. Kobelku need to choose models with a bare tummy, and the girl with a completely closed.

In addition to overalls for the dog can be selected andOther types of clothing: down jackets, coats, coats, jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants. In rainy weather or with wet snow, it is better to put it on a rainy overall with a raincoat, under it, pulling a thin sweater and panties.

Despite the fact that that - the dog is tame, notIt is worth to keep it on hand, the animal must actively move. Therefore, in winter, they will need boots. They not only warm little feet, but also protect them from many dangers: broken glass, sharp ice, engine oil, salt mixture, etc.

Any clothing store for those terriers will offer andsport suit. It is necessary for the dog to walk in the forest or park, so that the needles do not dribble, and the bloodsuckers had no chance to get into the pet's fur. Also, a tracksuit is useful to protect your clothes or seats in the car if the dog is going somewhere with you.

Not always in winter the house is heated enough,So that the dog, which is constantly on the cold floor, felt comfortable enough. Therefore, the terrier will need home clothes: a knitted overalls or a light pajamas, often one sweater is enough.

How to sew clothes for those terriers: patterns

Many owners of small dogs aspire Sew clothes for those terriers with their own hands. Try to master this occupation can be done with the manufacture of home clothes. To do this, you can use out-of-fashion human clothes or yourself Knit clothes for those terriers From the remains of yarn. To do this, you need to learn how to properly remove all the measurements of the pet: neck circumference, chest grasp behind the front paws and the length of the back from the beginning of the neck to the tail.

On the Internet you can find a wide variety ofPatterns of clothes for dogs and not only the most necessary and popular models. Fashion lovers like to dress their dogs in the most unusual clothes: from dresses and skirts to hats, wedding and carnival costumes.

Examples of patterns for clothes for those terriers

  1. Patterns of clothes for the Russian terrier photoPatterns of clothes for that terrier photoMaterials: wool flannel in a cage, 50 cm, lining fabric, 50 cm, adhesive tape 20 cm, plastic buckle.
  1. Open out of checkered fabric without allowances on the seams: 1 backrest detail, 2 shelves, 2 sleeves, 2 collar details (the pattern is calculated for the following sizes: the dog's chest circumference is 36 cm, the neck circumference is 21 cm, the back length is 32 cm, the back width is 10 cm). Make sure that The cells are symmetrical with respect to the midline of the back. Carefully combine the horizontal lines of the pattern on the shelves and on the back (along the side cut).
  2. Grind the details of the backrest with the shelves along the side cuts with a seam 1 cm from the edge, along the shoulder-0,8 cm. Razutyuzhte seams in different directions.
  3. Stick up your sleeves. Align the marks on the sleeve and back. Connect the sleeve to the armhole, puncturing them with needles in different directions from the mark. Run the side seam on the sleeve and sweep the parts. Lay a line on the sleeve 0.5 cm from the edge. Iron the seam by folding the oversize sleeve inside.
  4. Open the details of the lining fabric (1 back,2 shelves, 2 sleeves) and sew a lining (see the description in pp. 2-3). Expand the seams. Stitch to the face the shelves of the lining with shelves of "coat" from the checkered fabric (along the fastener line).
  5. Stitch the collar details along the top line with a seam of 0.5 cm from the edge. Iron the parts, make notches on the rounds, turn out the collar, straighten the stitch with the needle, sweep and iron it.
  6. Attach the collar to the neckline of the lining(face to face). Sweep the lines of the neck of the "coat" and the lining, sewing a collar between them. Lay the stitch 0.5 cm from the seam. Turn out the details on the front side, straighten the lining and iron the seams.
  7. Open 2 strips of oblique bake 3,5 cm wide forProcessing the lower cut of the "coat" (at an angle of 45 * to the share thread). Stitch them at an angle of 90 * to each other (along oblique cuts) and iron the seam. Pritachayte bake on the bottom edge (face to face with a lining) seam 0,6 cm from the slices, while combining the details of lining and checkered fabric.
  8. Unscrew the obtachka on the "face", bend its edge inward and sweep, closing the stitch seam. Straighten the stitch along the edge of the fold.
  9. Make a buckle by sewing on the shelves the return parts of the adhesive tape.
  10. Sew a belt.Open by oblique line a strip of checkered fabric (length 40-45 cm, width 3-4 cm-width buckle). Make a strip of lining fabric 3 cm wider and place it under the "checkered". Wrap the left overshoes both edges of the belt and detach it. Process the ends of the belt, bending the edge of the lining 2 times. To fasten the belt, sew on the ends of pieces of adhesive tape. Sew the belt loops in a width of 4.5 cm. Fold it along in half, iron the fold, put both edges inside and stitch. Nashite 2 loafers on the back of the "coat" and insert a belt in them.

Knitted overall pattern

Knitting pattern for that terrier photo

Having learned to sew or knit yourself on your own terrier, you can save a lot on his clothes.

Photo of those terriers in clothes

Dress for that terrier photo

Overalls for that terrier photo

Knitted overall for that terrier photo

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