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Dirhound is a graceful greyhound. Photo and description of the breed

Dirhound, photo

Dirhound Belongs to the number of the oldest hunting breeds. The dog is distinguished by an aristocratic appearance, strength and enviable endurance. For a long time the dog was used to hunt deer. More than once this greyhound breed was on the verge of extinction, but today its position has stabilized. Due to its exquisite appearance and friendly character, it was chosen by dog ​​breeders all over the world. Let's get acquainted with the dirhound closer.

History of origin of the dirhound breed

Today there are two theories of originBreeds, and both date the breeding of dogs in the 16th century. The first theory states that the dirhounds were formed as a result of the crossing of the hunting Picts. There is a lot of evidence for this: drawings, repeating scenes of hunting with dogs, decorate ceramic products of ancient peoples.

The homeland of origin, according to this theory, is Scotland. There is also a version that dirhands have common roots with Irish wolfhounds, but scientific evidence has not yet been received.

Dogs have always been in price with the local nobility, namelyThey were chosen as pets by the leaders of the clans. This breed was used to hunt a large forest dweller - deer. Pets were valued for their keen intelligence, developed hunting instincts, courage and speed.

Dirhound, photo

Character of the breed dirhound

The breed has an interesting character: On the hunt dogs are very quick and energetic, always ready for battle, but at home they are the embodiment of tenderness and affection. They behave very independently, but quickly and irrevocably become attached to the owners. Pets like to be surrounded by people, to feel their attention and love. They will gladly perform the commands, try to please the owners, and sometimes even their guests.

Dirhounds differ peace-loving and absolutely notAggressive temperament. Therefore, as a guard and a guard, they are extremely weak. But they instantly capture the mood of a person, are ready to distract from problems and show support.

Despite the hunting nature, dogs are highly appreciatedHome comfort and coziness. They will be located on a comfortable sofa with you. They can occupy the master's bed and not feel remorse. To eradicate this habit among pets, it is necessary to conduct educational work in childhood. Offer the dogs a soft alternative in the form of a couch on the floor.

Dirhounds have an amazing sense of humor. They can perform funny acts or play the hosts. When planting such a breed, one should be ready for it.

Photos of Dirhound

Advantages of the breed:

  • Developed intellect;
  • fidelity;
  • Absence of aggression;
  • Caring for children;
  • Quiet disposition (almost never bark);
  • patience;
  • A useful helper.

However, the dogs have disadvantages. For example, pets do not like to remain alone. Some members of the breed can just be sad and in a bad mood, while others can go to extreme measures and start spoiling the property, seeking to attract attention.

Also dogs are very active, requireFrequent and long walks. To use dogs as a watchman is a bad idea. A peace-loving character and lack of barking habits reduce the dog's security concerns to "no."

Features of the content

Dirhound, photo

Despite its impressive size, the dog with easeGets along in urban apartments. However, much better dirhounds feel themselves in country estates. A pet can live in a spacious enclosure, but with the onset of cold it is better to let it into the house. In the summer heat the dog should have a secluded place where it is possible to hide from the sun. It is not recommended to keep the breed on a leash on the territory near the house. Such a restriction will not be to the liking of the freedom-loving animals.

If you decide to have a pet in the apartment, thenShould pay special attention to walking. Do not forget about active games and toys. The duration of the walk should be at least an hour. A great idea is to combine walking with the dog and jogging the host.

Feed your pet several times a day. Do not overfeed the animal, as it is prone to a set of excess weight. Give preference to balanced premium foods. To make a correct diet from natural food to an inexperienced owner will be quite difficult, and culinary missteps can affect the health of the animal.

If you still decide to cook food for yourself on your own, then you should base the ration on the following products:

  1. Low-fat meat;
  2. Porridge;
  3. cereals;
  4. fresh vegetables;
  5. dairy products.

The breed of the slope to frequent molting, therefore combingDogs must be at least once a week. The areas around the muzzle and neck require regular trimming. Ears should be cleaned with a cotton swab as they become dirty. Claws are cut only if they do not tread on the ground and asphalt when running. This happens when the dog is not active enough.

Health of a dirhound

Dirhound, photo

Dirhounds do not belong to the number of long-livers, because on average they live no more than 11 years. In general, the breed is distinguished by strong health, but there are diseases to which pets are inclined:

  • Pathology of blood vessels;
  • Hereditary diseases of the kidneys;
  • Twisting of the stomach;
  • Pathology of the heart;
  • Thyroid gland diseases;
  • Respiratory allergies.

Education dirhounda

With the training of animals there are no questionsEven in beginning dog breeders, because dirhounds are intelligent and intelligent animals that want to please the owner. Teams pet remembers quickly, but with repeated repetition can protest, because he does not like pressure from the person and the monotony of training.

It is recommended to accustom dogs to running, to engage withThem by coursing, biking. During training in the fresh air, you need to monitor the dog, because of his hunting instincts, he can chase after moving objects, cats or squirrels.

To consolidate the team follows the praise expressedIn delightful form, as well as delicious incentives. The dog can be trained only by its owner. The dirhound loves other inhabitants of the house, but he can not obey.

Dirhound, photo

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The cost of the breed dirhound

To buy such a friend in Russia is enoughDifficult, because the National Club of the breed does not exist. And the number of pets is calculated in units. And not every owner wants to breed animals. Therefore, to buy a puppy, you will most likely have to go to Europe. The average price varies within the limits of 60 000 rubles, Excluding travel expenses.

Photos of Dirhound

Dirhounds are stately and aristocraticAnimals, so their nickname should meet the status. For males, the following names are often chosen: Caesar, Mustang, Gray, Iris, Apollo, James. Nicknames for girls: Ellie, Stella, Tory, Blair, Jenna.

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