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Alaskan clique (mini husky): description of the breed, photo, price of puppies, where to buy

Alaska Kli-Kai

Breed Alaskan Kli Kai (Miniature Husky). Alaskan Kli Kai is also commonly called mini-husky or miniature husky. This is the most amazing breed that we managed to bring out in the last century. It managed to combine all the most positive qualities and characteristics that only can exist in a dog. Translated from the language of the Eskimos, "klikai" means "little dog". Simply and uncomplicated. But, despite the simplicity of its name, this breed is considered the most successful, among those that were withdrawn recently.

Breed Alaskan Kli Kai - mini copy of Husky

Husky - this is one of the most popular andThe most beautiful rocks in the world. But not everyone has the opportunity to keep a big dog in his house. It was for this case that a special breed was bred in Alaska, which is a miniature but exact copy of Husky - Alaskan Kli-Kai or mini-husky. Such a dog is perfect for lovers of small pets, who can be easily persuaded and even vilified with a dog bag. It should be noted that Klee Kai is not the "snow dog" driving his master on a sleigh, but this is a small companion that will bring joy and beauty to your life.

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This is an incredibly energetic and cheerful dog. It is great for single-family owners, as well as for large families with young children. Despite its "youth" the breed has already managed to prove itself exclusively from a good side. Most breeders, dog breeders and just dog lovers prophesy Kli Kai great future.

Kli Kai will always be able to impressSurrounding, even if its owner is a mega-star. His amazing appearance and temperament can not eclipse any other dog, let alone a man. The mini-husks will always turn around on the street and accompany her with looks and smiles.</ P>

Appearance Klee Kai is very similar to the Siberian Husky. The most expressive part of her appearance is her big and intelligent eyes. But the main difference from his ancestor is a very soft, kind and, at the same time, playful and fervent character. Kli Kai - are sociable "dushki", from contact with which you can recharge an incredibly powerful and positive energy.

History of origin

Alaska Kli-Kai

This amazing breed appeared at the end of the 20th century. Namely in the 70s, an American Linda Spurlin built a husky in her house. The dog was still very small and Linda thought that it would be great to create a miniature but exact copy of this beautiful dog with a bright appearance. To the conceived, Linda joined the company with her friend Eileen Gregory. They labored for more than 20 years to breed a breed that would exactly repeat the beauty of the familiar husky, but the size was several times smaller.

The official exposure of the breed wasImplemented in 1989. It was a grandiose event, after which a miniature Husky appeared crowds of fans and admirers. And only in 1995 they managed to achieve excellent results: a small Alaskan dog appeared. In the same year the breed was recognized by the Association of the Rarest Rocks.

It is still unknown how exactly the breedersIt was possible to achieve such results and to deduce Kli Kaya of a modern kind. They selected only the smallest representatives of the husky or used to cross other miniature breeds. But it became no longer important what methods Gregory and Spurlin used: they managed to create a masterpiece and please thousands of breeders.

Appearance, size and life expectancy of the Alaskan Kli Kaya

Alaskan Kli Kai

The breed is divided into 3 main types, which differ in size:

  • Standard with a height of 38 to 42 cm and weighing up to 10 kg;
  • Mini with a height of 33 to 39 cm and weighing up to 7 kg;
  • With a height of up to 33 cm and weighing up to 4.5 kg.

From Husky Klee Kai is distinguished not only by the smallSize, but also a twisted tail, similar to that of a husky. Mini-husky is a reduced copy of the husky, a small, compact dog with a harmoniously folded body. She has very expressive eyes that can be bright blue, green or brown. Also, multi-colored irises are allowed.

Representatives of the Kli Kai breed can be true friends and family members for 14-16 years. You can say that they are long-lived.

Breed Standard

The purpose of the standard is the possibilityProviding professional breeders with instructions and parameters that will help maintain and improve the uniform quality of the breed. But if you're just an amateur, then do not pay attention to small flaws or deviations from the standard.

Since the Alaska Kli Kai was bredBy means of a reduction, then there are some possible shortcomings that appeared in the process of formation of the breed and can, at a genetic level, manifest themselves in modern representatives. This should be given special attention and use a visual aid in the form of an adopted standard.

General description of the Kli Kai standard - A smaller version of the Alaskan Husky with a thickWool and dense undercoat, the head has the form of a wedge, with sharp and erect ears and with a mask on the muzzle, characteristic exclusively for this breed. The tail is twisted. The appearance of the mini-husky fully corresponds to the origin of the "snow" breed.

What is the difference

The most important feature that distinguishes Klee Kai fromHusky - this is a special mask on the muzzle, pronounced and contrastingly colored. Unlike the husky from Alaska, Klee Kai is a very energetic, fast, incredibly active, very curious and playful dog. She will be forever devoted to her master and, despite her unimaginable size, will become an irreplaceable watchman and guard in the house.

The main characteristics of the Alaska clique

Alaska Kli-Kai

The breed standard provides for clean andClear lines on the head, without folds, proportionality of sizes and shapes in relation to the trunk. The head of the mini-husky must necessarily narrow to the nose and go into a wedge shape. The lower jaw of the dog should be strong and powerful, but not protruding forward. The color of the lips differs depending on the main color of the dog. It can be either black or brown with red.

Based on the standard, Kli Kai should haveFlat, white teeth, and a scissor bite. As for the nose, the color variations here also depend on the color of the dog, but most often there is a black nose of the nose, rarely - with a pink strip, etc. Alaska Kli Kai has amazingly beautiful eyes, which besides beauty should be of medium size, not convex. The color is allowed both blue and brown. There are even multi-colored "options". They are slanting with black eyelids. Do not be too bulging and close to each other.

Alaska Kli-Kai

The standard provides for a pair of standing, wellOvergrown with hair of ears. They are triangular and pointing upwards. It may seem that for the mini-husky head its ears are a little big, but it should be so. Her ears are tightly covered with leather from the very bottom and to the tips, which are slightly rounded. Also Kli Kai ears confirm his activity and curiosity: they are very mobile and react to every rustle.

As for the neck of the dog, it should beMedium length, graceful and slightly curved. In a calm state, it keeps above the body evenly, but when the dog starts to move or run, the neck stretches forward, thereby lifting the head. The fore and hind legs of the Alaskan Kli Kai are even, widely spaced and parallel to each other. It is noteworthy that the hind legs have pronounced angles of knee joints. The paws are also good, oval, powerful and proportionate. Pillows developed, between them a thick and long coat.

The most important feature that distinguishes KliKaya, - this is her unique, pubescent and twisted tail ring. It lies in the center of the back, and its tip with a brush of dark color hangs slightly on its side. The tail should be long enough and twisted into a full ring. The standard provides for the presence of a mini-husky thick, developed, long, healthy wool, which is so characteristic of its progenitor - Husky. The undercoat should also be thick and support the main hair. But it is worth noting that it is not allowed too long coat, which will hide the outlines of the dog. The collar and "apron" on the chest is formed due to a very thick undercoat and basic hair. The Kli Kai is straight and stiff, and the undercoat is soft, but slightly shorter.

It should be noted that the adopted standards forAlaskan Kli Kaya provides and permits the presence of various colors and shades. There is only one obligatory condition, without which the mini-husky will not be a real mini-husky. This is its clearly marked, with bright contours, contrasting with the main color mask. The outline should not be blurred. All color should be symmetrical, but the mask for a tone or two is darker. If the mask is missing or not expressed in accordance with all the rules, it is most likely only a "distant relative" of Klee Kai.

Alaskan mini-husky is a dogA small size, so in the standards it is prescribed that its weight and height should not be more (but not less) than the established one. Recall that the growth is measured from withers to the ground. The most important thing that should be paid attention is proportionality. Height and weight should match each other. Miniature Kli Kai - from 33 to 38 cm; Standard - from 38 to 42 cm; That - up to 33 cm inclusive. The disadvantage is the growth of 43 cm and above.

What is the nature of the mini-husky?

Alaska Kli-Kai

The most important feature of the Alaska Kli Kai, whichDistinguishes him from his Siberian ancestor - this is an amazing character. They are completely different from each other. What is only worth comparing this dog to a cat. Yes, yes, many argue that Klee Kai is the embodiment of a cat in a dog. This comparison appeared not only due to their small size, but also the unique ability to wash the muzzle with the help of the front paws. Of all the dogs, only mini-husky can do this.

Miniature Huskies also perfectly find a commonLanguage and with other pets. This is due to their friendliness and great curiosity. It's a very silent dog that does not like to bark just like that. Laiu, she prefers melodious and amusing sounds, howls and croons. This is her unique ability to "talk".

Kli Kai, like his ancestors, are very agile,Active and playful. But unlike the dimensional Husky, their miniature copy is not so destructive in its actions for an apartment or for a house. Therefore, it can safely be called a "flat" dog.

Alaskan mini-husky is a gentle, reliable,Faithful and cheerful friend for each member of the family. They get along very well with young children. They can be safely left with the kids, and they will perfectly cope with the role of "nanny." To the strangers, Kli Kai are wary and distrustful. Outbreaks of aggression appear only in case of danger. But they will never rush with barking, without considering the act "a step forward".

A dog of this breed will be very devoted to hisOwner. But it requires constant communication and attention. Her love must be mutual. Since the mini-husky is a very curious pet, it must always be developed and satisfy her desire to learn everything around. If Klee Kai does not feel the owner due attention and love, then she can turn into an unruly dog ​​and "grumpy." She will demand communication in a variety of ways, including, constantly whining and "chatting" in an unknown "Klikayev" language.

Care, maintenance, feeding and health

Alaska Kli-Kai

The huge advantage of this breed is thatSpecial care and special conditions for the content it does not require. Alaska Kli Kai does not need a monthly and even annual haircut, trimming or in winter clothes, etc. Nature has awarded this dog all the qualities that help it to exist as naturally as possible, without the participation of a person. Thanks to long wool and thick undercoat, they perfectly tolerate the harshest and coldest winters. They are not prone to frequent colds and allergies, which greatly facilitates the selection of diets and the choice of dry food.

Mini-husks are not allergic and do not themselves causeAllergy in humans. They absolutely do not smell like an unpleasant smell of "dog". All the matter is that originally this breed was deduced for the apartment maintenance. But Klee Kai will also feel great in the country house or at the dacha. After all, like other dogs, she is very fond of freedom and activity. But in this case it should be borne in mind that the miniature husky is very jumping and can even jump over the fence, and they can not deny themselves digging undermining. That is why it is necessary to take care of a high fence in advance, which, even at a meter and a half, will be "drowned" in the ground.

Alaska Kli-Kai

With regard to care, there are problems and smallInconveniences can arise during molting, namely in spring and autumn. In this difficult period for the dog and for the host it is necessary to help each other. It is necessary to comb her hair at least every other day, using special gloves or a stiff brush.

In frequent bathing and water procedures, this dogdoes not need. She is by nature very clean, and as mentioned above, can spend half a day washing and licking. In especially "dirty" cases, you can use a special dry shampoo for dogs. What is important in caring for Klee Kai is regular haircut and filing of his claws. Do this at least 2 times a month.

Alaska Kli-Kai

Feeding should be treated responsibly, soThe same as for any pet and even for yourself. Ideal option will be a mix of standard food and dry food with the necessary additives. It is important not to overfeed the dog.

Most breeders are wondering about theThe health of a very young and rare breed. Has the mini-husky managed to inherit the strong health that the nature of its great Siberian ancestor has endowed? It should be noted that in this dog it was possible to combine all the positive characteristics of the husky, including excellent health.

In general, in this short time of existenceThere were no reports that Kli Kai had significant health problems. Rarely there are problems with the eyes and hips. But more recently it has been revealed that mini-husky are carriers of a rare mutated gene that is responsible for poor blood clotting. This disease is a bit like hemophilia. But this does not mean that all breed dogs with such a gene will die from bleeding. Only one dog per 100 individuals suffers from such an ailment.

How to train Klee Kai correctly

Alaska Kli-Kai

Training mini-husky is aNot an easy matter, as in principle, and with any other dog. Despite the fact that the mini-husky inherited from her ancestor only a similar appearance, but from her stubborn temperament and temper, she got a little, but still, with the wrong behavior of the owner, she can try to begin to train him.

From the owner this process will require a lotTime, strength, but most importantly - patience. It is necessary to understand that Klee Kai is not a dog that, at the request of the owner, will bring a ball or sneakers. This is a very clever and even wise dog, which, from the very puppy's age, needs competent help in education. Of course, all classes should take place in a game form, but it is not worth while to flirt with, for it is not enough to lose credibility. Praise the puppy, encourage sweet words and goodies.

Such qualities as curiosity, activity,Playfulness, which nature itself awarded the husky, will be the basis for training. It is only necessary to direct its energy in the right direction. Klee Kai must be taught to leash from the very first days of his appearance in the house. Otherwise, because of his constant activity and his desire to frolic, he simply refuses it, and it will be very difficult to teach. Also teach the dog to order in the house.

Little hussies love to chew something,Or rather all. Therefore, you need to take care of toys in advance for his teeth. Let him know that everything has its time and place. By the way, Klee Kai is very intelligent creatures, they remember commands and requests the first time. Everything will depend only on the owner, on his tone, etc. Proper education of mini-husky is the key to the development of her mind, as well as to a happy life together.

How to choose a puppy, price and where best to buy

Alaska Kli-Kai

As in the case of and with other dogs, for a startIt is necessary to determine the purpose of the pet's establishment. Kli Kai is needed for exhibitions and competitions or for a warm home company. Choose the most reliable and trusted nurseries that will be able to present you all the relevant documents, references, etc. You should not buy yourself a pet from your hands or from ads in the newspaper or the Internet.

Track the baby Klee Kai in natural conditions, when he eats, communicates with relatives and plays. Only then you will be able to grasp the traits of his character.

Choose a puppy of medium size from a smallLitter. He must be well-fed, fluffy with a soft fur. But most importantly - the karapuz must reciprocate you, be interested in the potential owner and friend. Only in this case you will be able to raise a good and faithful companion.

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

In Russia, the kli is quite a rare dog, so puppies are quite expensive. The price of puppies starts From 2000 dollars And can reach 5000-6000 dollars.

Photo of the Alaska clique

Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai Alaskan Kli Kai
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