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Castration of that terrier: price, reviews

If that terrier is purchased not for participation in breeding, then it is best to castrate it. This procedure will free the owner of the dog from a lot of troubles.

The advantages of castration
  1. For example, when growing up, the boy will not run away under the influence of the instinct of reproduction. But the loss of such a tiny dog ​​can turn into a real tragedy for her.
  2. The girl after sterilization will not have heat, which gives owners so much trouble.
  3. It is also known that the growing animal becomes aggressive, and castration softens the character of the dog.
  4. And it makes it healthier, because it excludes the development of such dangerous diseases as venereal, prostatitis and malignant tumors.

When to do the operation?

Is it necessary to castrate that toy?It is best to castrate that terrier at an age5-7 months, during this period small dogs are already becoming sexually mature. Castration of dogs at an earlier age can slow the physiological development of the puppy and even lead to the development of urolithiasis. Do not postpone the operation and at a later date.

Since the dog in this case canTo preserve sexual behavior. Before the operation, the terrier must necessarily be healthy. After all, he will have a general anesthesia, and this is a very big burden on his small heart. During the operation of castration, the sex glands are removed - the ovaries or testicles.

First, before the operation of that terrier,Hungry diet for 12 hours. From anesthesia, the dog departs fairly quickly, although there are also more complex cases. If everything goes well, postoperative sutures are removed after 8-10 days. They are treated with antiseptics, and an antibiotic course is also possible. After castration, the terrier will forever remain a cheerful puppy. He will be sick less and live longer.

The price of the procedure

The cost of castration of that terrier varies from 300 to 1300 rubles, depending on the veterinary clinic and the region.


Reference number 1

We decided to castrate our girlfriend afterHe once ran after the girl. We searched for him for three days, my daughter cried so. And then he began to tag everything in the apartment. The wife put the question squarely - castration or shelter. And the operation helped. He well underwent anesthesia and now a calm, playful dog.

Vasily, Samara

Reference number 2

My little sobik was so good and roughSomewhere from year to year it became simply unmanageable. Without end he barked at all, bitten his friends by the feet. Although we brought him up correctly. And we were advised in the club to castrate him. Long consulted with a veterinarian, because he is so tiny. But the doctor got us an excellent one, and everything went fine. Now the dog calmed down and again obedient.

Irina, Moscow

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