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How to grow a rottweiler puppy

It all begins like this: a newborn rottweiler, a future formidable guardian, more like a funny little mouse. However, he grows fast and therefore eats a lot, and all indiscriminately.

He even tries to bite off a finger to a person or earBrotherhood. After 3 months he is almost a real rottweiler. Proper nutrition during this period is especially necessary, as the Rottweiler will suffer a lifetime if at an early age it was improperly fed. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a specialist and follow his instructions exactly, To properly grow a rottweiler puppy.

In addition to food material, the puppy needs food andIntellectual: it must be attached to games and accustomed to communication, so that he is used to his friends and masters and has learned to love them. It is also useful for a Rottweiler puppy to practice outdoors. But not too often and without coercion. At this age is quite enough of its natural activity.

How to grow a rottweiler

If you have purchased a thoroughbred puppy and correctlyHe was raised, for children he is completely safe. Teenagers will find in him an excellent companion for games, and for small children he will become an excellent nanny. It is necessary to follow exactly the children and the way they treat the dog. Children need to instill respect for the dog. Rottweiler is soft by nature, but not all breeds of dogs are also patient. However, here we have touched on a rather controversial issue, not in offense to other breeds.

We want to emphasize that the realRottweiler is endlessly patient with young children, even when they abuse this patience. But be careful. It's about real Rottweilers. Because only thoroughbred and properly educated dogs have characteristics characteristic of the breed. They will be able not only to protect us, but also because of their natural softness to obey us under normal circumstances and in a stressful situation.

Unfortunately, the quality of puppies from unplannedBinding can not be guaranteed. In that case, how to make the right choice? Everything is very simple. Ask for advice. Call the club and you will receive a lot of information in general and about the available puppies. Do not rely solely on yourself, especially if you do not have experience. This can lead to trouble.

Soft, loving, calm, obedient - allThese qualities of a true Rottweiler who, being a watchman, a devoted friend and workmate, is above all a kindhearted being who can not live without loved ones. Of course, if necessary, he can become a fearless watchman. But he has a noble heart. Quite like a medieval knight. This is exactly what we would like to see it. Therefore, if we decided to have such a friend, it's not enough just to buy it. You must learn to appreciate it.

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