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Feeding St. Bernard puppy and adult dog: diet

St. Bernard is a very large dog and herFeeding and diet should be special. For puppies of large dogs it is important that they be fed from a stand whose height will increase with the growth of the puppy.

The bowl should always be at the chest levelAnimal, in order to properly form his right posture. The bowl of St. Bernard should be wide so that it would be convenient for him to eat. It is very important to ensure that the dog does not overeat. Excess weight in St. Bernard turns into serious problems with joints, deformation of the spine. What to give the St. Bernard?

Feeding a St. Bernard puppy

  • Acquiring a puppy, it is necessary to ask the breeder what he feeds the kids and this diet should be adhered to at least the first couple of weeks.
  • The frequency of feeding depends on the age of the puppy.
  • Until two months, it is fed six times a day (the volume of food is equal to one or two glasses for one feeding).
  • With age, a single and daily amount of food increases, and the frequency decreases: up to 4 months - 5 times a day, up to 6 - 4 times a day, up to 10 months - 3 times and then twice a day.

Although adult soba is better to feed once after the evening walk, especially during the hot season.

Natural feeding of St. Bernard

What to feed St. Bernard

With the growing of the dog, the amount of food consumed increases.

So the meat in 1.5 months gives about 150 grams, and toYear - 600 g. Also one-year-old puppy should eat 500 grams of sea fish a day, 400 grams of cottage cheese, 250 g of porridge, 200 g of vegetables, and 500 g of fermented milk products.

The meat of St. Bernard should be raw and cut into pieces. When feeding with natural food, it is necessary to add mineral top dressing and preparations containing calcium.

A puppy of St. Bernard needs vitamins of growth - A, E, D for constant calcium support. Therefore, in his diet should be present daily:

  1. Lactic acid products,
  2. fresh vegetables,
  3. cottage cheese,
  4. Boiled eggs,
  5. sea ​​fish.

Adult St. Bernard useful cartilage and raw bones. It strengthens the gums, bones and brushes the teeth. Only this should not be the tubular bones of birds. Puppies should be given a bite of tendons.

Feeding St. Bernard with dry food

If the puppy was fed with natural food, but the ownerWants to transfer it to dry food, then this transition should be done gradually, within a week. It is important that the dose of dry food exactly corresponds to the standards that are indicated on the packaging with food.

Also, the animal must always have constantAccess to drinking water. Feed should be a premium quality or super premium class. Such food greatly reduces the possibility of food allergies and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

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