/ The Dalmatian. Description and photos of the Dalmatian breed, training, character, care

Dalmatian. Description and photos of the Dalmatian breed, training, character, care

Dalmatian, Dalmatian

Dalmatian - charming, seemingly slightly light-headed dog with black spots all over the body. These spots are really scattered all over the place. If you open their mouth, you will be surprised to see that there are spots there.

The Dalmatian is a big dog with an even greater personality. This is a very active breed of dogs, and some individuals are over active. They like to have fun and like to play, play and play.

Dalmatian (Dalmatian)

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Temperament and characteristics

Dalmatian - charming, seemingly slightly light-headed dog withBlack spots throughout the body. These spots are really scattered all over the place. If you open their mouth, you will be surprised to see that there are spots there. Imagine, at birth they do not have these points. Puppies are born completely white. Spots appear as they grow older.

Dalmatian is as funny as a toy. The Dalmatian became especially popular after the release of the Disney film "101 Dalmatians". But this popularity had to be paid to the owners, who thought they were getting a loving creation, like in a movie. But it's friends - not Hollywood. In the Dalmatian there were so many not desirable crossings that the factory of the offspring became unpredictable. They are too aggressive.

But this does not mean that all Dalmatians have problems. With proper breeding and training, these attractive dogs can become excellent friends. This is one of the few breeds bred as carriage cars. The Dalmatian's task was to run ahead of the coach and clear the way from people. These dogs first protected the rich in their carriages, and then began to be used to guard mounted fire trucks.

If you do not like it, when the dog throws himself at you with all his love and weight at the time when you get out of the car, the Dalmatian is not for you.

Dalmatian needs daily seriousAnd they need a lot of time to get tired. They enjoy running, playing with the ball. They can run after you for hours, while you are riding alongside on a bicycle. Usually Dalmatians love water. If a Dalmatian does not receive enough physical exertion, his behavior can become destructive. For this breed of dog, you must pass the course of obedience at an early age.


Dalmatian can assume the dominant role inFamily, so it is extremely important to let him know who is the leader in the house. Dolmatinets will enjoy that if the owner does nothing with his bad behavior. However, they are well suited to home education. But even a well-trained Dalmatian from time to time can surprise his master with unusual (usually not very pleasant) behavior. Dogs of this breed quickly become attached to the owner and adore the family environment.

Dalmatians will try to follow you fromRoom in the room, and at night they will want to jump to your bed, so that you will embrace them. If the Dalmatians are left out of what the family does, then he starts to bark loudly and loudly, gnawing things and making trenches. Dolmatinians were withdrawn as a security breed, so they zealously protect their family. They always let you know when a stranger approaches. They almost never bite unless specifically provoked.

An ideal condition for the Dalmatian's life is a warm climate and the opportunity to run a lot. Keep such a dog in a city apartment is not recommended.

If you decide to get a Dalmatian, understand - this is a clot of energy. It should match your lifestyle.

The size

The height of the male at the withers is from 56 to 61 cm.

The growth of a female from 54 to 59 cm.

Weight 27-32 kg. And 24-29 kg. respectively

Training Dalmatians

Dalmatians can be independent and stubborn. But do not be deceived, the Dalmatian is extremely smart. By virtue of your mind it seems at times that they think more and better than you. For the Dalmatian, early socialization is very important. As early as possible, from puppyhood begin classes, consistently and patiently. In general, if you observe the above, the Dalmatian easily gives in to training and studies new teams quickly enough.

More in this article training of a Dalmatian.


Dalmatian very strongly molts. He leaves behind a large amount of wool. You can find it everywhere in the whole apartment.

Care for the Dalmatian

They do not require special care for the coat. It needs to be combed as needed. But since it sheds very strongly, you may have to comb out the fallen villi every day. After all, what remains on your hairbrush will not get into your apartment.

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