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Giant Schnauzer at the exhibition, training

It is necessary as best as possible to prepare the Risenschnauzer for the exhibition - after all carefully groomed dog will always look good and it may happen that during the examination it will be put ahead of a slightly better folded but not well-groomed competitor.

Before taking part in the exhibition, you should remember a few simple rules and try to fulfill them.

The exhibition is a beauty contest and is often goodDogs get low marks only because the owners have not been able to properly prepare and exhibit them. To avoid this, it is necessary, first of all, to study the standard of the breed of your dog. It is necessary to remember flawless dogs does not happen, so you should soberly evaluate the dog's exterior data and compare them with the standard. Knowing the shortcomings of the animal, we must try to hide them with the help of special training and competent trimming. Such little tricks will not be deceived by the expert, but your pet will gain considerably in comparison with others.

It is necessary to teach the Risenschnauzer correct behaviorIn the ring. Many owners take pride in the fact that their dog rushes to any person passing by counting this as a sign of anger. However, most often this is the first sign of an ill-bred dog. A judge has the right to remove a dog from the ring who does not allow himself to be examined. Therefore, it is necessary from the puppy's age to accustom the dog to showing teeth and fully submitting to his owner.

It should be remembered that the judge has the rightIndependently inspect the bite of the dog, check the quality of the wool and make the necessary measurements. The dog is obliged at the command of the owner to calmly treat these procedures. Then it is necessary to accustom the Risenschnauzer to the correct movements in the ring and the ability to stand in a beautiful exhibition stand.

Beginning of education is necessary from the first months of life,As an adult dog is much harder to teach. In order to accustom the dog to the correct movements in the ring, it is necessary to drive her from the first months of life to walks on a harness or a tight leash.

The dog must move ahead of the owner withConstant speed. In doing so, it is necessary to ensure that the dog during the movement does not arch up his back, moving smoothly without jerks with a good push of the hind limbs. In addition to the movement on a leash, jogging behind the bicycle is very useful.

It is necessary to accustom the dog to trot alongsideBicycle on a leash at a constant speed. Such training should be started from about ten months, when the puppy has grown stronger and can withstand greater physical exertion. In doing so, gradually increase the time of jogging, speed and distance. The last thing that is required from the dog in the ring is the ability to demonstrate the correct exterior stance.

First puppy is taught to just stand with a highRaised head. The back should be straight, slightly inclined to the tail, the forelegs should be vertical and straight, the hind legs moderately backward. Initially, the puppy is set in this position at home in front of a mirror, where it is easier to control how correctly and beautifully it stands.

Then, gradually, the Risenschnauzer is taught to takeThe desired position on the command and save its required time in any place and with various extraneous stimuli. It is necessary to accustom the dog to that, if necessary, to correct the rack. We hope that our advice will help you experience less disappointment the day your pet enters the ring.

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