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Feeding that terrier

That terrier is a very small dog. In this connection, it is easy to feed it from one side - just a few table spoons, and on the other - it is rather difficult, because these small portions should have all the necessary substances.

Feeding the adults of those terriers

With the natural feeding of an adult dog inThe daily ration must necessarily be meat: raw beef, veal or lamb, boiled chicken or turkey without bones, boiled sea fish fillets. No more than once a week in the diet should be boiled eggs and by-products: kidney, liver, heart.

Should be present in the diet and porridge from buckwheat,Rice, oatmeal, occasionally corn. You need vegetables (especially carrots): stewed, boiled or fresh, grated on a small grater. You can fill a salad with a drop of sour cream or vegetable oil. Of fruits, the most useful are apples and bananas.

Of sour-milk products, kefir,Low-fat cottage cheese, fermented baked milk. It is better not to give milk to adult dogs, so as not to induce indigestion. Also contraindicated are the sausages, smoked meat, pork, nuts, beans, any sweets, Bulgarian pepper.

That the dog is not capricious, I'm eating betterSlightly warm up. The water must be moist, but filtered. Adult dogs of small breeds are fed twice a day (morning and evening after a walk). During the day, you can give the dog a biscuit or a bone from the skin.

Calculation of the necessary norm of the ration for the day is conductedBased on 50-80 grams per 1 kg of dog weight. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the age and lifestyle of the pet. A small, aging old dog needs less food, active, young, and also pregnant and lactating - more.

On the packs of dry food write the calculation of the diet and onThis should be paid close attention, because the feed of different classes and quality of saturation are different. From high-quality feeds there are rulers of forages "Royal Canin (Royal Canin)", "Hills", "Canidae", "Eagle Pack", "Orijen", provided for small breeds. Their consumption is less than that of the lower class.

Often, dry food is allowed to be soaked, but it should be borne in mind that dry granules are useful in that, when chewing, their dog naturally cleanses tartar.

Feeding puppies of that terrier

The first food of the puppy is mother's milk. Up to three weeks of age it is quite enough, and later the puppies begin to give a bait in the form of pea beef three times a day. Meat from the frozen piece is finely scraped and naturally warmed to room temperature. Also, you need to give one ball of fresh, low-fat cottage cheese. Nevertheless, at least up to six months of age (and preferably up to two months) the puppies should not be excommunicated from the mother.

The approximate ration of feeding a small one of the terrier at the age of one and a half to two months consists of six feedings every 4 hours.

  • In the first feeding give a raw meat ball, inThe second is cottage cheese, diluted with kefir or milk. In the third feeding again we repeat cottage cheese, in the fourth - well-boiled oats, buckwheat or rice, in the fifth - milk porridge. In the last day, feeding is again given raw meat.
  • You can not go on about the puppy and give more meat, which he eats best, otherwise he will never eat anything else again and his diet will be very poor.
  • From two to five months of the puppy is fed 5-4 times a day and in the diet it is necessary to introduce vegetable salads and fruits, which not only supply the body with vitamins, but also cleanse the intestines.
  • After 5 months, you can switch to three meals a day, and after 9 months - two-time with the diet of an adult dog.

It is very important not to overfeed the puppy, otherwise hisThe skeleton will develop incorrectly. You should regularly feel the back of the baby, if the ribs do not stick out, but with a slight push feel - the food is right. If the ribs are not probed, then it is necessary to reduce the norm of nutrition.

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