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Rottweiler - guard dog, description and character

Rottweiler is not just a species of guard dogs, it is a special guard dog. Of course, good defenders can be both sheep dogs and dogs of some other breeds.

But if you want to have a friend, one kind of which,Inspires respect, which no one will allow you to steal something or harm you, which always remains calm, unperturbable and reliable, the first thing that comes to mind is a big guard dog.

We will tell you more about the breed Rottweiler is a guard dog, its description and character.

Rottweiler combines power and impetusAncient dogs with agility and speed of reaction, so necessary, for protection functions. This is the only dog, looking at that, we understand that we are safe. The beast, the killer, the terrible dog - such accusations can often be heard against the Rottweiler. Which of the following is true?

Nothing, when it comes to thisBreeds of dogs in general. Killer dogs do not exist. There are only not reasonable and bad masters. However, each dog (see breeds of dogs with photos) individually can be dangerous. It must be understood that the dog becomes malicious at the behest of the master. But a dangerous rottweiler can become if the owner can not make him obey. In other matters, the foregoing applies equally to the poodle, to the dachshund and the Dalmatian. The only difference is that the Rottweiler bite is much more painful.

Rottweiler description, character traits

But the dog is not to blame for being big andStrong. The owner must understand what responsibility he bears for this big dog. After all, he can be aggressive. Mostly, those who do not like Rottweilers like to refer to this. And yet we will clarify one important point. Aggression is not at all a vice, but a natural trait of the character of any animal being, including man. When training sentinel dogs to this line, one must be approached with caution, but in no case should it be suppressed.

Let's consider two typical situations: For example, the sharp movements of those around the owner next to the host perceive for attempting to attack the master and to calm her is impossible. And in another case, the host actually witnesses the attack, but the dog does not interfere. She is waiting for a clear command to rush into the pursuit of the criminal.

Who can blame such an animal for cruelty?Or uncontrolled aggressiveness? We showed you the same Rottweiler, in the same environment, to prove to you that the Rottweiler's ability to defend can be both dangerous and useful to others. The whole point is whether the owner is able to control his dog, forbidding her to act independently and guiding her actions in any situation.

We will return to this topic. But first we need to understand what we mean by the ability to protect. This is a natural gift, it is a gift. It was formed by combining some of the features inherent in all dogs. But especially it is characteristic for those breeds for which this quality was developed specially.

As we have seen, the guard dog should beAggressive and warlike. In addition, it should be well-trained and easy to tolerate pain. But is all this enough? Of course no. The dog should have an incentive, simply put, she should want to protect her master. But would this desire arise in her if the Rottweiler, in fact, was an animal seeing in man its enemy? Of course not.

A dog is only able to protect two things: What she considers her and what she likes. By the way, the Rottweiler considers the territory on which it lives as its property. Therefore, he is an excellent watchman. But for this, the owner, must certainly love his pet. Therefore, it is pointless to talk about suicide dogs. Rottweiler is very loving. As a puppy, he joyfully rushes into the arms of the owner and his whole family.

The rest entirely depends on the person. If from childhood to accustom a puppy to a society of strangers and friendly treatment, he will always be affectionate to others. If we keep him in isolation and deprive him of the opportunity to know the world, then in the future he will see the danger in what seems to him unfamiliar - whether it be a man or a thing. Unfortunately many people think that a sociable or friendly dog ​​can not become a full-fledged watchman or protector. But they are deeply mistaken.

Rottweiler is a guard dog and does not differGreat mobility, so it can not expect the same speed and ease on the rise, which is inherent in smaller and elegant dogs. To compensate for this heaviness, you must constantly force the rottweiler to move. The Rottweiler, who likes to work, does not seem like a heavy creature. To achieve this, you need special training based on the game. Such training is conducted by school experts. Even better, if the training area is near water. During training, the body temperature of the Rottweiler is greatly increased and only bathing will save it from overheating.

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