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Care of the poodle wool

Wool - the main decoration of the poodle, and that it really was such, it should be carefully looked after. Poodle wool has its own peculiarities.

It is known that during molting the dead hairsStay in the curls of the wool, and do not fall out like other breeds of dogs, and do not pollute the carpets, clothes and other objects in the room. Therefore, the poodle should be combed at least 2-3 times a week with the help of a comb with rare large teeth and a massage brush.

The combing is carried out alternating movements along the wool and against. Before combing it is desirable to carefully inspect the surface of the body for the presence of insects (lice, fleas, ticks), wounds, scratches.

Wash poodle can be from 3 months of age, but notMore often than once in 2 months. Poodle very much likes to swim. Usually this is done in the bath or under the shower. Wash the hair thoroughly before washing. If the poodle before washing was well combed, then combing the clean coat is not difficult. Before bathing a poodle with heavily curled hair, the combs are combed or cut with a special cutter or scissors. Wash the dog with warm water (30-40 degrees) with laundry soap or shampoo. Well-wetted hair is shampooed, starting from the back, then whipping the foam. The head is washed very carefully. Ears during bathing should be closed with tampons of cotton wool, and after washing wipe them with fleece or gauze. After washing, the body is dryed with a towel, then allow the dog to shake and then proceed to drying.

Poodle puppies on hands

Dry and comb the poodle after bathingAt the same time. Dry the poodle with a hairdryer. This procedure is done as follows. A jet of warm air is directed under a strand of brushed hair. Wool is well pulled out (straighten), to get a good haircut.

Begin drying the poodle from the head and ears, thenDry the back, sides and tail, lastly dry the coat on the paws. Approximately half an hour after drying, the poodle should be kept warm, since there is still enough moisture in its long wool. Therefore, swimming is best to do in the evening after a short walk, so that the dog has time to dry thoroughly before the morning. And one more rule: whenever you are engaged in this procedure, the wool of a poodle after bathing must necessarily be carefully dried and combed.

To accustom the poodle to a comb it is necessary from puppyAge. Starting from 2-3 months of the poodle it is necessary to cut at least once every 2-3 months with the help of an electric or mechanical clipper and scissors. For especially solemn exits in the world to cut a poodle is better at the expert-hairdresser.

But in the intervals between visits of the dogThe hairdresser needs to be able to support the poodle's hair in order. Before cutting, the dog should be washed as described above. Once a month you need to cut your face and legs. It is best to use a hand-operated clipper for this.

When preparing a poodle for the exhibition it is necessaryCut in accordance with the standard. Mixing the details of different hairstyles is not allowed, such a hairstyle is considered non-standard. At the exhibition ring, the "lion" hairstyle looks good, but dog owners often prefer a more natural "lamb" hairstyle, where the wool is always left the same length, following the silhouette of the dog. This haircut is easy to do with the help of ordinary hairdressing scissors. The desired silhouette of this haircut should be maintained every 1.5 months.

For a standard haircut poodle is better to inviteSpecialist, but if you want and a certain skill, you can do it yourself. We will tell you how to perform some types of haircuts, allowed by the international standard.

"Modern" - the most popular haircut poodle.

Begin to cut from the head. Wool is cut in the shape of a crown so that the eyes can be seen. When viewed from the side, a straight line with a neck should form. On the muzzle the hair is cut to the inner corners of the eyes, under the eyes, then the lower jaw and neck are cut. At exhibitions for hairstyles "modern" allowed two options for the design of the muzzle: fully trimmed with a machine or with a small antennae on the upper lip and a beard.

The chest is cut from the groin to the elbows, with a smoothTransition from the waist to the front of the chest. On the back, groin and abdomen, the wool is cut short, but not shorter than 1 cm. At the bitches, the fur on the abdomen is sheared to the second pair of nipples, in males - not reaching 2 cm before the prepuce. On the limbs, the hair is trimmed in the form of "pants", and the paws are cut off around the fingers. The tail at the base is cut with a round strip of 1-1.5 cm, and the shape of the ball is attached to the tail.

Classical haircut of the poodle "lion" - headCut in the shape of a crown with a direct transition to the neck. The eyes should be visible. On the upper jaw, the hair is removed completely from the line between the eyes to the nose of the nose, at the bottom - from the neck to the end of the muzzle. You can leave a mustache on your lips. On the ears, the fur is slightly trimmed. On the chest, head, neck, trunk, the coat is left to the last rib long. Croup, thighs, most of the legs, lower back, the tips of the paws are cut completely (short). Pumpkins of long wool are formed on the hock and wrist joints to the very toes. At the base of the tail is cut a narrow strip 1 - 1.5 cm wide, and the end of the tail is given the shape of a ball or a cylinder.

Lion's haircut at the poodle

In the "English Lion" hairstyle, long mane hairIs separated from the shortened and leveled wool on the croup by a narrow girdle of a very short (about 1 cm) wool around the waist. It is cut with scissors or a typewriter.

"English saddle" is different from the hairstyle"English lion" by the fact that on the sides near the waist they are cut short by the semicircle machine, and along the spine there is a narrow strip of wool 2.5-4 cm in length, going before joining with the same length of hair left on the croup and hind legs. The wool on the hindlegs is leveled to get a narrow "pants", and cut two parallel strips 1-2 cm wide at the bend of the knee joint and just above the hock.

Wool pompon on the front legs and lower, the cuffs in the rear need to be straightened and round the lower edge so that the toes of the paws are visible.

"Continental" shear as well as "EnglishLion ", leaving the cuffs below the hock joint and two scissor-trimmed pom-poms on the machets. On the croup leave a strip of wool about 2.5-4 cm high.

For puppies, two hairstyles are used"puppy". In the first months, only muzzle and fingers are cut - "puppy-1". Wool is left in the entire body in full length, and its tips are slightly leveled with scissors, so that the contour of the hairstyle repeats the lines of the dog's silhouette. By 8-10 months, when the wool changes, you can decorate a puppy hairdo "puppy-2". The head is cut, as indicated above, the rest of the hair is shortened throughout the trunk to 3-5 cm without a waist. The pompom is left on the tail.

There are many other options for cutting a poodle. Fantasy among fans is very rich, especially if the dog does not need to be exhibited. It must be taken into account that the poodle does not like to be cut and, seeing the preparation for this procedure, tries to hide or run away. Care

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