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Schnauzer wool

Schnauzers belong to woolly dogs. And the woolly dogs differ from all the others in that they are not prone to seasonal molting.

This is very convenient if you need a pet dog. But this coin has a downside.

City dogs can not comb themselves,Chasing through blackberry bushes or other bushes, so the dead hair remains on the dog. To save the Schnauzer from these mysterious strands resort to various procedures. First, the cheekbones, throat, ears, lower body, inner thigh and anal area are shaved. After the machine haircut, they switch to the so-called trimming.

This procedure replaces the dog with seasonal molting andIt is very important to maintain the wool in good condition. The correct stiff and thick coat protects your pet from any adverse effects. In the winter it does not freeze and does not overheat in the summer, spines do not adhere to the hard skin of the schnauzer (zwergschnauzer, mittelschnauzer, riesenschnauzer), the dog does not get wet in the rain, dries quickly, does not molt And does not have a specific odor. In addition, smooth and shiny coat makes your pet beautiful and well-groomed. This procedure is not at all painful for the dog, because only the dead hair is removed. You may well learn to do it yourself, but it is better to entrust the exhibition dog to a specialist.

Care of the Riesenschnauzer, Mittelschnauzer, Zwergschnauzer

Trimming is that the dead hairPlucked by hand or with a special knife. Schnauzers trimming the back, waist, croup, chest, sides, forehead, front of the forelimbs, the outer side of the thighs, down to the withers and tail. Finally, the finishing touches are done with scissors, cutting the hair on the abdomen and on the paws, which gives the haircut a finished look. Now our friend is like a real schnauzer.

Haircut without plucking off the hairspur makesSchnauzer's wool is soft and prone to stalling in the coils. It is not recommended to shorten the schnauzer's muzzle too much (eyebrows, mustaches and beard), as this deprives the dog of protection from eye, nose and lip damage.

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