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Selection of puppy of the Great Dane

To anyone who is going to get a puppy of a German dog, remember that this breed is very difficult to breed.

That is why on the sale there are not rare individuals that are the result of unscrupulous selection, whose morphological characteristics differ significantly from the requirements of the standard.

How to choose a puppy of the Great Dane?

Therefore, it is desirable to turn to a reliableSpecialist who can guarantee you the quality of the puppy's pedigree. It is best to take a puppy between the ages of 3 and 5 months. The puppy should be kind, well-fed, with strong and dry muscles, a powerful bone and parallel limbs. An important role is played by the head. The profile of the axis of the skull and nasal canal should look parallel and relatively long.

It is necessary that a transition fromForehead to the nose and that the upper lip was large. Having bought a puppy of the Great Dane, you must give him a good upbringing, so that, not having crossed the threshold of your house, he has already begun to learn the norms of correct behavior. The person who has got the puppy of the Great Dane, must be patient and act strictly according to the method.

Little by little the Great Dane puppy learnsAssociate actions with words. But you should not rush it, because, like with small children alone, this is easier, others are more difficult. In no case should you raise your voice too often, much less beating a puppy, as this can cause irreparable damage to his character.

It is advisable to give him some toy thatHe could gnaw instead of furniture legs. The items that you give to the puppy must be large enough so that it can not be swallowed. It is best to give him your old shoe, which he will surely prefer to any other object, since the smell coming from her will make him feel as though he is playing with you.

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