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Miniature poodle: breed standard

General form. Miniature poodle - a clever, energetic, well-built and graceful dog with an aristocratic posture and even temper.

Color. Any solid color. Cream, apricot, brown and gray poodles up to one and a half years can have different colors of the primary color. However, for all colors, pure shades are preferable.

Dimensions. The height at the withers of a miniature poodle should not be more than 15 inches (38 cm), but not below 11 inches (28 cm)

Head. Elongated, graceful, with protruding occipital protuberance. The forehead is not wide, with a moderately smooth transition to the muzzle. Muzzle is dense, strict lines, without dips under the eyes. Cheekbones are flat. The chin is well pronounced, but does not protrude. The head is generally commensurate with the body of the dog.

Miniature poodle: breed standard

The eyes of miniature poodles are at the level ofTransition from forehead to muzzle and slightly obliquely set. Black and white poodles have very dark eyes; Edging of eyelids - black. Brown poodles should have dark amber eyes. Apricots are dark eyes with black dots or dark amber with brown.

Nose. The nose of white, black, silver, blue and cream miniature poodles is black. Brown is brown.

Lips. Lips are dry, tightly fitting. Black, white, cream and apricot miniature poodles have black lips. In brown - painted in brown.

Extremities. With strong pasterns and small, oval paws gathered in a ball. Do not turn out neither outside nor inside. Pads on the feet are high, dense.

Tail. The tail is confidently set high. Sent obliquely upwards. They never turn and do not throw on their backs. Thick at the base. Duplicate it by half or slightly more. In general, a miniature poodle should in all aspects be an exact copy of a standard poodle, albeit in miniature.

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