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Schnauzers of all sizes, description and character

Beard, mustache, shaggy eyebrows - these are typical features of the schnauzer.

Outwardly it resembles a severe and unyieldingProfessor and you might think that his character is also sullen, to match his appearance. But this is a mistake. This cheerful and affectionate dog, or rather, it's funny and affectionate dogs, because it is about 3 different breeds.

We list the Schnauzers of all sizes:

The dwarf (miniature schnauzer), the middle (mittelschnauzer) and the giant schnauzer (the risen schnauzer) differ in size and behavior.

But outwardly they are very similar, as well as character. They are incredulous, but very kind. A dwarf schnauzer is called a zwergschnauzer, since the zwerg in German means a dwarf. Although these shaluns with a lively character have no signs of dwarfism. A giant schnauzer is called a risen schnauzer - this is a literal translation from German, because its homeland is Germany. And the middle one is called the Mittelschnauzer. He is a typical representative of the breed and the progenitor of the other Schnauzers.

And now let's talk a little about the puppies. Schnauzer puppies Adorable, because a small schnauzer isA reduced copy of an adult, but he does not yet gravitate to a serious dog. Their movements are comical and graceful, but they are without a doubt entirely devoted to the game. They are intrepid mole hunters. As for the puppies, one important thing to remember is that you can only take a puppy from a good dog breeder - only he will give you a guarantee that the puppy is thoroughbred and healthy. The pedigree puppy will also be endowed with the appropriate character traits, but let's hope that he will not have such a firm determination to become a star.

As for health, we have not yet talked about the greatest virtue of the schnauzer: they are very strong dogs, and they are also long-livers.

Even if the Schnauzer had no otherMerits, strong health would be a sufficient argument in favor of their choice, because in fact, a schnauzer is one of the few dogs that practically does not present any problems. Schnauzer rarely gets sick and even genetic defects among dogs, such as dysplasia of the hip joint, are rare. Of course, it is still better to inquire about the puppy's parents. But the data for all 3 sizes is usually positive.

In conclusion, let's talk about the classicalDuties of schnauzers of all 3 sizes. For Mittelschnauzer it is protection, for Risenschnauzer - defense, zwergschnauzer is just a domestic dog. But does it make sense to make these differences? In fact, a schnauzer can be adapted to perform various duties. In addition, all schnauzers are wonderful, loyal friends, funny and a little funny. As for size, the only restriction is for a working dog. Only the Riesen Sauser has the necessary physical qualities. Those who are interested in this aspect, we recall that the training of defense skills, also occurs in the game.

What else can you tell us about Schnauzer? In fact, to describe it, like any breed of dogs, not enough words or photos. A dog needs to be felt, it is necessary to know her near, living with her side by side and day after day, discovering all that she can give. About schnauzers it is important to know what they are not capable of, because there are many different rumors about this breed. In summary, we can say that these are unpretentious dogs. Processing of wool is enough to produce 3-4 times a year. They are not at all gloomy, but on the contrary are affectionate and playful. They are not difficult to educate.

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