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Contents of the poodle

Poodle is an indoor dog, so the ownersMust comply with certain veterinary and sanitary rules. For an adult dog in the apartment should be allocated a special place, lined with a litter.

For litter is used a light mat,Mattress, rug, which can be easily shaken out and cleaned. The place should be kept secret, not to be conspicuous. Do not keep the dog in the bedroom, in the kitchen in an unlit place, near heating batteries, refrigerators, on upholstered furniture, beds.

Great importance in the content of the poodle haveActive walks. Free movement, walking is necessary for both young and adult animals. The dog thus receives fresh air, sun, physical gymnastics and at the same time manages natural needs. Of course, the best walk is free, without a lead. In the conditions of the city, a large settlement such an opportunity is not always provided.

Naturally, you should walk the dog onA special area, vacant lots and other uninhabited and without moving transport places. Usually a dog is taken out for a walk on a leash and, if necessary, in a muzzle. For an adult dog, a walk is necessary 3-4 times a day, and a young one - a little more often. The duration of each walk is about half an hour. It is best to skip a dog early in the morning, after each feeding and before a night rest.

Poodle in an apartment

For walks in winter and on cold autumn daysA sheared poodle with the purpose of preventing from colds, and also in order not to soil the wool, it is necessary to put on a knitted or sewn overall that is easy to make by yourself.

Taking care of the poodle, watch his teeth. It's good to give him solid food-sugar bones, biscuits. The resulting yellow plaque in dogs is removed with a rag with tooth powder or chalk, and the dental stones are removed in the vet.

Often, due to low mobility, mainly around the apartment, the dogs do not grind and become very long in dogs. In this case, the claws are shortened using a file or nail clippers.

Previously, you need to claw claws 5-10 minutes inSolution of soda. The crack in the claw can be filled with glue so that it does not crack to the base. If, with an inadvertent jump, the dog has ripped off the claw, it is better not to wait for it to grow together, but to remove it in the vet.

A few days after that, the dog should be taken out for a walk with a bandaged foot so that the infection does not get into the wound.

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