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Exhibition of the poodle

The exhibition of poodles is always a holiday forSpecialists and amateurs. Where else can you find such a number of clean, beautifully trimmed poodles of all kinds and colors? To the exhibition of poodles are prepared especially carefully.

The best poodles are remembered with all their grace,Elegant appearance, beautiful ring-dressing, balanced and friendly character. Every poodle has to feel at least once what a ring fight, success and defeat. And the sooner it is published, the greater the probability of success.

In order for the poodle with the greatest effect to beShown at the exhibition, the dog must be prepared in advance. It should be cleaned, washed, brushed and, of course, trimmed. For a poodle to meet all the requirements of the breed standard, it must be in better condition. If the dog has extra weight, you need to hold it on a diet, walk more with it, and if it does not have the right mass, feed it.

That poodle at the exhibition

To assess the poodle is very important to show and walk. Poodle has to be accustomed to behave calmly at an exhibition among foreign and noisy dogs before and after a call to the ring. It is equally important to keep self-control to the master himself. Even with the failure that has befallen you, you must still show your dog that you are happy.

Many poodles with their impressionable natureRemember negative emotions and are subsequently intimidated by the upcoming viewing, badly show themselves and receive accordingly lower scores than they deserve.

The dog must be without medals and tokens, inEasy collar on leash. If the exhibition lasts a long time, you should have a flask with water and a few pieces of goodies for the dog to keep it in good spirits. With you you need to bring your dishes and accessories for hair care.

For examination at the exhibition of poodlesRecorded by sex and age in the following classes: puppy class - 6-9 months; Junior class - 9 -18 months; Open class - 15 months - 8 years, if the dog already had an assessment of not less than "very good"; Class winners - 15 months - 10 years for dogs with titles; Class of veterans: 1) older than 8 years without titles, 2) older than 10 years with titles.

By decision of the exhibition committee, another class is possible - a class of poodles of unknown origin - 1 year - 9 years. Dogs of this class of awards and prizes do not get and do not participate in competitions.

Expertise of dogs is conducted by a special judgeBrigade during the daylight hours separately on the floor and age groups on specially equipped rings. After the announcement of your dog's number, it is displayed in the ring. First, the examination of the teeth.

Here the owner must properly expose the dog's teeth for examination by an expert. Then all the statues of the dog are evaluated in a state of rest and movement, all the advantages and disadvantages of the exterior are described.

Based on the results of the examination can be exhibitedThe following ratings: "excellent", "very good", "good" and "satisfactory". The marks "excellent" and "very good" are awarded to dogs that fully comply with the breed standard, with a pronounced sexual type, characteristic constitution, developed skeleton and musculature, anatomically correctly folded, with the right head and limbs.

Poodle at the exhibition

Individual faults that do not affectTribal work. "Good" is given to a dog with a typical exterior for a breed, but having no more than two vices. The assessment is also "satisfactory" for dogs with a typical exteriors, but with several shortcomings or more than two defects that render them unfit for breeding. All the other dogs with traits that testify to chechenoborodnosti, remain without evaluation.

At the same time, dogs can be awarded medals: "excellent" - a big gold medal, "very good" - a small gold medal, a "good" - a silver medal.

In the final rings are given special prizes andThe best junior of the exhibition (male and female), the best big poodle (male and female), the best male, the best female, the best poodle of the exhibition, as well as titles: the young champion, the winner, the champion, the multiple champion. The owners receive the diplomas of the exhibition.

After the exhibition, not all lovers leave itHappy and joyful. If you did not get a prize, your dog behaved badly and timidly moved around the ring, pressing its tail and ears or, on the contrary, frightened off from there, do not be upset.

Do not forget that you have already had someExperience of participation in such events, you had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the competitors of your poodle, make new acquaintances with their owners, exchange experiences, enjoy the sight of these beautiful animals and, finally, just have a good day off.

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