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Breeding poodle

Sexual maturity of males and female poodle comes in6-8 months. However, it is not recommended to pair dogs at this age, since the growth of the body is not complete and the pregnancy of the bitch can harmfully affect the health of her and her offspring.

Tribal animals are usually mated at the age of 1.6 - 1.8 years. They should be absolutely healthy.

Selection of animals in pairs - the most responsiblemoment. Heredity of animals is taken into account, the prognosis of mating results. The dog should be on a qualitative assessment above the bitch. When mating with the worst dog in comparison with a bitch, it is difficult to count on improving the offspring. You should not select a pair of dogs with similar shortcomings (for example, weakness of the constitution, a bad flair, etc.) For breeding breeding poodles, you should apply to breeders.

The first mating should be done carefully. If the bitch knits for the first time, she, as a rule, growls, snaps. A young male can be frightened, and this fear will remain with him for a long time. It is better to bring the dog to a bitch, and not vice versa. The dog at the time of mating should be in a familiar atmosphere. For the first mating, it is better for the young male to bring a calm, already knitted bitch. On the day of mating it should be fed not earlier than 5-7 hours before arrival of a bitch, then after mating to walk and only after 2-3 hours it can be fed again.

A pregnant bitch must be kept warm,Dry, light room, which should be periodically ventilated. For it, you need to prepare a soft, dry and clean litter. Usually sew mattresses and stuff them with soft hay, oat straw or cotton wool. It is good to put on the mattress covers. For a small and dwarf poodle, you can arrange a nest in a box, making one wall low.

Poodle puppies on hands

It is covered with cloth so that the dog does not injureNipples at the entrance and exit of the box. In the first half of pregnancy care for a bitch is common, in the second - more careful. She is strolled on a leash, avoiding sudden movements and fatigue, which can lead to miscarriage. From bathing bitches during this period it is better to refrain. During pregnancy, many dog ​​breeders give the bitches multivitamin tablets: large poodles - 1 tablet, small and medium ½, dwarf poodle - ¼ part 1 time per day. It is useful to add trivitamin to food: a large poodle - 8-10 drops, an average - 5-8 and a dwarf - to 5 drops daily.

Pregnancy of the bitch lasts an average of 63 days(58-66 days). Before giving birth, she stops eating, looking for a place to nest. For 1-2 weeks before the birthing, the bitch needs to be washed with warm water with baby soap or shampoo and thoroughly dried, and on the eve of whelping, cut off the long hair around the nipples and external genitalia. Childbirth usually lasts 5-18 hours. During this period the bitch can not be bothered. Female large poodle usually give birth to 2-4 puppies and more, small and dwarf - more often 1-3. After the puppy, the contaminated litter should be cleaned, cleaned and kept clean in the future.

The nursing bitch needs to skip at leastThree times a day, first for 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing the duration to 15-20 minutes. Every 4-5 days, the bitch's nipples must be washed with warm water or a solution of boric acid, wipe dry and lubricate with petroleum jelly. After the puppy, the first 6 hours of bitch are not fed, and then give a little (up to 0.5 l) of warm milk with glucose and up to 150 g of soaked white breadcrumbs. Water should be constantly. Subsequent 3 days after the birth, the bitch is given a dietary liquid porridge (white rusks in milk, a thin meat soup with oatmeal or mango, etc.), and then transferred to a regular diet. To bathe a nursing bitch can not be earlier than 5-7th week after the puppy.

Poodle puppies are born blind, blind and withoutTeeth. The first days they are helpless, but food reflexes are well developed. By the 15th day the puppies begin to see, hear and crawl, and on the 20-25th day the baby teeth are cut. Keep them in this period you need in a specially equipped nest (box-bed) so that the bitch could not inadvertently pinch them. Sunlight should only be reflected, because direct sunlight, falling on the blind puppies, greatly irritates them.

Usually during the first month for puppiesThe mother looks after her. Then it is done by the owner. It is necessary to examine them every day, wipe the muzzle with each towel after each feeding. Once a week, inspect the ears and clean the inner surface of the auricle with a swab of cotton wool or bandage moistened with salicylic or boric alcohol. Long hair in the ears must be cut. Every day you should examine your eyes and, if necessary, wipe them with a swab moistened with boric acid or tea. Once a week, you need to brush your teeth with chalk, tooth powder or citric acid.

On the 3rd day after birth, as a rule, in puppiesThe poodle stops the tail by ½ - 1/3 of the length. It is desirable that the specialist does this, although this simple operation can be done on your own. At the level of the second or third vertebra, the skin is treated with tincture of iodine, shift it to the root of the tail, cut the skin and other tissues through the joint, the stump is cauterized with iodine for several minutes until the bleeding ceases completely. It is better to apply seams to the skin on the end. You can put an elastic band in the specified place or tie up it. Cherz 2-3 days the tip of the tail is sifted and disappears.

Poodle puppies from the age of three weeks beginActively move and play. Therefore, it is necessary to practice exercise games with them to develop endurance and strength. For games you can use blunt bones, light objects, balls, rattles, carrots, potatoes and more. The puppy likes to gnaw on objects that have fallen on the eyes - shoes, rugs, furniture, etc. If the object can not be hidden, then it can be rubbed with a bitter red pepper. After the first test, the puppy gnaws at the puppy.

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