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Welsh terrier: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price of the puppies

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Welsh terrier, description, photo, price

Welsh Terrier or Welsh Terrier- a breed of hunting girlfriend dogs. It was bred in the UK in the late 18th century. Modern Welsh descendants of a black-taned wire-haired terrier, now extinct. Lakeland terriers, Irish terriers and fox terriers could also take part in the formation of the breed. In the United States, this breed is even more popular than at home.

Welsh terrier

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

In our latitudes the breed is not very popular. Usually it is confused with the Airedale terrier. But in fact, it is very different from the brothers by blood. This is the most balanced, intelligent and obedient dog among other terriers. Moreover, she is very attached to the person and is dependent on his approval. Ancestors of welsh terriers appeared in England 400 years ago. And since then the breed has not changed much. She retained a wonderful character, hunting and service skills. Unless the exterior has become brighter and more beautiful.

Smart student

The history of Welshterrier, as can be seen fromThe name of the breed, began in the west of the UK - in the county of Wales. For centuries, local farmers bred Old English coarse black-and-tan terrier. This pet was first described in books of the 16th century. The hosts did not just cultivate the breed, but diligently improved its skills.

Welsh terrier

The ancestors of the welsh terriers were real favoritesFarm families. Unlike other dogs, they lived in the owners' house, and not in the yard or on the kennels. But, despite the status, the pets were bred for performing special tasks: hunting for normal animals and game, pursuing wounded animals, protecting chickens and pheasants from foxes and badgers, and also catching rats.

In short, welsh terriers were universalDogs capable of many feats. They were quite easy to learn. It is not surprising that the hunky hunter, the rat-trapper and the guard were so fond of the Welsh inhabitants.

Fighters of rats

But not all welsh terriers had a noblecareer. Some dogs were used in the ring. In those days, cruel sports competitions of different animals were favorite pastimes of both aristocracy and the poor. The first wanted spectacles and, enslaved by passion, tried to increase their capital, and the second dreamed of getting rich on the stakes.

Welsh terrier

The ancestors of the breed did not participate in the races, but often went to the ring against their fellow tribesmen. In addition to canine battles, they were prepared for more sophisticated trials.

Imagine a huge aviary with a hundred angryWild rats. A small, but bold terrier was launched into the thick of the pack. The soldier had to strangle all the passengers and keep within the allotted time. Champions were the most nimble dogs that quickly killed rats, dodged bites and did not receive any injuries.

They put a lot of money on these pets. The offspring of the famous Pied Piper were expensive. Every rich man wanted himself such a puppy to earn large sums on his talents.

The beginning of the podium life

Of course, the owners were primarily interested inService qualities of dogs. Pets were made as strong as possible, hardy, smart and manageable. And nobody cared about the exterior of the breed: why would a beautiful face be hunted to a hunter, a guard and a fighter?

The rest of the British terriers have longPacing on the podiums, flaunting before the judges and bathed in the rays of glory. And welsh terriers long wore the stigma of coarse and unimpressive hard workers. Only in 1886 the state of affairs began to change. In the beginning there was a Club of fans of breed, and in couple of years the first official Standard was approved.

Breeders decided to refine the look, butPromised to keep all working qualities of pets. Already in the first decade of professional breeding welsh terriers have become frequent visitors to exhibitions. So on the podium of Liverpool in 1983, visited 93 individuals.

Dog for show and hunting

As a rule, exhibition dogs are not too goodIn the work. The noble exterior deprives them of most of the important qualities necessary for hunting or guarding. With welsh terrier the reverse situation: the appearance of this breed does not interfere, but even helps it to carry service.

Goal number one

Welsh terrier

All dogs that come to the exhibition in compulsoryOrder passed the testing for proficiency. They were tested in pursuit of the beast. Attention was paid not only to their physical qualities, but also to the best traits of character. Ideal - stubborn and quick-witted in pursuit of game, resistant to fighting with the beast and respecting the owners of dogs.

The breeders managed to preserve and improve the breedQuality. In doing so, they changed the appearance of the welsh terriers. In breeding, the most elegant representatives of the breed were used. To obtain new colors, it was decided to exclude from the selection of black dogs.

So soon the fur coat of the pupils became black. Now this elegant color is a business card of welsh terriers

The proportions of the dogs were also refined. Represented in Liverpool, the individuals were characterized by a dry, but strong physique. Their elongated head with powerful jaws approached the brick-like appearance, and the trunk became square. From squat laborers, nothing remains, except working skills and a unique character.

Difficulties in pricing

The first attempts to breed welshterriers in the USSRFailed. Puppies of this rare breed were expensive. Not every breeder could afford such an acquisition. In addition, these embezzlements did not pay off - poor Russian hunters would not buy four-legged assistants for sky-high prices.

Gallop on Europe

Updated welsh terriers perfectly coped withAll the hunting and security duties of their ancestors, but looked much nicer. So the breed began its march across Europe. Initially, the main supplier of livestock was the UK, but soon the welshterers had a second homeland - Czechoslovakia.

In recent years, the Czechoslovak Republic has beenMany terriers from Wales. These four-legged aliens have perfectly taken root in a new place. Breeders managed to create a large and high-quality population. Fans of the breed and nurseries, who could not order puppies in England, bought them from Czechs. From here welshterriers migrated to Poland, Germany and Hungary.

In 1945, the breed was recognized on the territory of Russia. True, in Moscow and the surrounding area no one started to engage in novices. The imported pair of dogs did not give rise to a new breeding line. They were reduced to the terriers of other breeds, getting charming mestizos all of the same cap color. And the breeding work began in the 1970s.

Welsch terrier standard: basic characteristics: height, weight

Welshter Standard

The dogs of this breed are similar to the Airedale Terrier in miniature, but nevertheless differs by a longer coat. The breed has a small growth - only 38 centimeters. And the weight is not more than 9 kilograms.

But a normal dog for successful hunting is no longerIt is necessary. Thanks to harmonious and compact proportions, the swordsmans are smart and agile. Muscular legs help them to pursue prey, strong jaws allow to cope with the beast.

Welsh has developed musculature and a rather long neck.

Modern welsh terriers are bright black and redDogs with a fairly rigid wire-like hair, tightly adjacent to the body. This thick wavy "shell" almost does not shed. Thanks to him, the dog can chase game even in the water. The head of the pet is at least half the height at the withers. Wool on the muzzle forms a charming mustache and beard. She also lengthens on legs, becoming panties.

The muzzle is elongated, the powerful jaws of the head are attachedCourageous appearance. Eyes small dark, almond-shaped. Hanging triangular ears are set high. The tail is cut to a third, high set. Paws are small, "feline". Fifth fingers are removed.

Wool is wire-like, stiff, with shortSoft undercoat. On the muzzle are formed a mustache and beard from a long bristly coat. The color of a welsh can be two-color or three-color. Most often it is red with a black cap. It is also possible to combine black, red and gray colors. Usually black "jacket" or in gray hair, that is when on a black background of a jacket the mixture of white and red hair is visible.

In general, salon or sofa dog of this stubborn brave man you will not name.

How puppies look like

All newborn welshter terrier puppies are black-colored. It changes gradually with their growth. Only two years they "wear" a branded coat.


Nature of Welshter

As it was customary, that the duty of welshterriersShould show initiative, activity and character. This is especially noticeable in hunting, where dogs are often forced to act without a hint and host team. Therefore, the breed is temperamental, slightly stubborn and very energetic.

Because of the strong hunting instincts the pet needsFrom childhood to accustom to communication with other animals. The puppy should also get used to the neighbors around the house, otherwise your cat, living with him in the apartment, will not be bothered. And to add new animals to adult welsh terriers is a bad idea. A dog with high self-importance will certainly compete for his territory.

But with the children and the owner the breed gets along perfectly. She has been living in the house for 4 centuries, not in the booth, and adores people. In her genes fixed desire to please the owners. Welsh terriers want to spend more time with the owner and are ready for it for everything. But without approval, the pet can not learn and will feel worthless and depressed.

To give attention

In short, the main feature of the breed is the need forCommunication. Only sensitive cooperation between the owner and the pet will help to train a clever, curious and purposeful dog from the welshter. If he will feel love and attention, it is easy to trust a person and will selflessly fulfill his commands.

This is the main difficulty in educating the breed. That this contact and energetic dog was happy and harmoniously developed, a very careful and quivering attitude on the part of the owner will be required.

From an early age, you will have to train your pet toRegular combing and water procedures. At the same time, one should not show weakness and allow him to do what is not permissible for an adult dog: climbing into bed, begging for food and picking up with other dogs.

Elementary teams should also be studied inYoung age. Such a smart pet does not like to miss, so training can not be done monotonous. Try to make your puppy feel excited. If he wants to please you, he will master the team in a matter of minutes.

Play more often

The second feature of the breed is the reluctance to sit still. A crocheted pet from the Welsh terrier will not work. For him it is important not only the attention of the owner, but also active life. Without a daily hunt or even a dynamic walk, he does not have happiness. If you keep him locked up and walk no more than half an hour a day, the pet will turn into a nervous Hulk and begin to crash furniture in the apartment.

Considering that the breed is famous for its jumping,Welsh terrier out of control can be very good at mischief. He is able to climb on tables and windowsills, open doors and jump over fences. So buy a pet more toys, and during walks do an apportion - a ball or frisbee is suitable. This is one of the favorite classes of the breed.

Professional Dogs

In the modern world welshterriers have mastered many new professions: among them there are not only hunters and guards, but also rescuers, dog therapists and even drug seekers.

Simple training

Observations show that welsh terriers, who often communicate with other peer dogs (especially their own breeds), learn faster and easier to master training programs.

Care and content of welsh terrier

Puppy of welsh terrier

Over the education of the pet will have a goodTo work hard. But in the care he is rather unpretentious. Rigid wool is easy to clean and comb. The main thing is to do trimming a couple of times a year, because it does not drop out by itself: Even if the welsh terrier leads an active lifestyle, it may be necessary to trim its claws. They are not always erased during games and walks.

Do not delay with trimming, because withoutPlucking out unnecessary hairs the dog will look like a rolling field. In especially neglected cases, the pet begins to "litter" with wool. However, molting can signal a disease.

Taking care of the health of the pet, one should rememberHis restless temper. If you live outside the city, be sure to make a fence higher, so that the dog does not overcome the barrier by curiosity. During walks in the city should take a pet on the leash. In fact it is necessary to seem in the distance to the homeless cat, as the dog will immediately try to catch up with it.

Care for Welshter

Easily fine adapts to different conditions of detention. It can be kept in a city apartment, outside the city in an enclosure. However, this dog can not be planted on the chain.

When keeping in a country house it is necessaryTake care of a high fence. Out of curiosity, he can overcome the barrier and go in search of adventure. But it is the suburban content for welsh that is preferable, since it requires regular walks in the open air. Welsh terrier is very mobile and therefore needs serious physical exertion and long walks.

His hair does not shed, but still requiresSpecial care. It should be washed regularly (every two months) and combed once a week. Also periodically, 2-3 times a year welsh trimming, because the haircut spoils the structure of his coat.

Live welsh terriers to 14 years. These are quite healthy dogs, only some lines are prone to skin irritations and eye problems.

Friend of a tourist

In the open spaces of the CIS, Welsh terriers have littleFans. For lovers of small dogs, welsh terriers are too active. And admirers of service dogs choose breeds larger. Meanwhile, it is noticed that, with a big excitement, kids from Wales are able to give a head start in the speed of training even to sheep dogs.

Out of this breed, excellent companions are obtained. Maybe they do not look like fierce guards. But they will have the stamina and strength to accompany you on a bike ride or in a hike in nature. Welsh terrier is ideal for tourists, sportsmen and other active people.

Price of the welshterrier puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Depending on the thoroughness and purpose of the puppy (participation in exhibitions, hunting or companion), its price may fluctuate From $ 100 to $ 800.

Welshterra photo

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