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Training poodle teams

The main element of the education of the poodle is the instruction to perform the basic training commands, which he must know and perform well.

In order to obtain obedience from the dog,It is necessary to establish firmly, once and for all, which of you is a leader, and to let your pet feel that it occupies a place below you. As far as the development of commands, a gentle tone should be replaced by a more imperative, and then an orderly one. If you clearly understand this principle, then further training will be much easier.

The command "Place!"- this is the first team your crook must know. It is practiced daily and becomes so familiar that it rarely has to be repeated. With this command the puppy must immediately go to his place.

The command "To me!"Is of prime importance in the life of a dog. Teaching this team should be done after you make sure that the puppy has well mastered his nickname and the command "Place!" She is the link between the dog and the owner, keeps the dog from danger, infection, injuries. This command means the most pleasant for the puppy - communication with the beloved owner, caress, feeding, walk. You need to make every effort to ensure that the puppy is performing this command quickly and vigorously, so that on this team he immediately approached you. The command "To me!" The puppy should perform unconditionally and it is better not to serve it at all, than to serve and not to achieve its fulfillment.

Training for this team is often combined withFeeding. Having hailed a puppy on a nickname, affectionately call: "To me!" And at the same time put him food. As soon as the puppy comes up to the meal, affectionately repeat: "To me!" In the future, with each feed given, give the command "To me!" In breaks between feedings again gently urge the puppy "To me!", Offering him pieces of treats.

Poodle executes commands

Nickname, the team "Place!" And "To me!"- these are the three tasks that the puppy of a poodle should study up to two months of age. When the puppy turns two months old and begins to behave more disciplined and will obey the master, he can be accustomed to the team "Walk!" And forbidding the team "Fu!" Or "You can not!"

To the "Gulyai!" Team they are taught in a deserted place. Poodle puppy is lowered from the leash, giving the command "Walk!" When the puppy feels freedom and runs too far, call him: "To me!", Stroke, give a treat and again command: "Walk!" After a short walk, call the puppy and Walk beside the leash, and then put on the leash.

Prohibiting team "Fu!" Or "You can not!"Serves to suppress various pranks of the animal, when trying to pounce on something on the street (bone, garbage, other objects), jump paws to the master or other people. The team "Fu!" Is given a sharp and menacing voice, expressing the host's discontent. Sometimes it can be slightly spanked puppy with a twig or folded newspaper.

Starting from the age of 5 months, they switch to the basic methods of training. At this age the poodle is taught to perform such commands as "Sit!", "Lie!", "Nearby!", "Give!"

Training for these poodle teams is built on the samePrinciple, as the previous ones. Here you need to use the already arisen attachment to the owner and the delicacy. On the command "Near!" The dog should be at the left foot of the trainer. To do this, take the dog on a short leash (20-30 cm) and place it on the left side so that the dog's shoulder is against the left leg of the trainer. Starting the movement, call the dog forward, forcing her to walk near her left leg. With the proper execution of the command the dog give a treat, pat it and encourage it with the word "good"

To participate in your poodle in exhibitions, you need to learn two commands "Show!" And "Show your teeth!" The "Show!" Command is also useful for the haircut process.

Team "Show!"Begin to teach with an 8-week-old age. Puppy should be accustomed to the right exhibition stand first on the table, and then on the ground. The poodle should stand with his head raised. Help him with his hand, lifting his chin. The front legs should stand straight, the rear legs are pulled back. The tail should be pointed at an angle upwards, hold it from below with your finger. Praising and encouraging the puppy, repeat this position before mastering. By the age of 6 months the puppy must independently take the exhibition stand on the command "Show!"

Teach your dog to react calmly to actionsExpert, correctly, calmly, at the set pace to go around the ring and execute the team. The owner does not hesitate to visit the dog show in order to know all the requirements and commands.

To train the team "Show your teeth!"Put the puppy near the left foot and say the command. Place your right arm underneath, and the left upper muzzle, holding the jaws with closed thumbs, spread your lips in front. The nose must be open. After examining the bite and the number of incisors, move the lips from the sides and examine the molars. After a little exposure, release and encourage the puppy with a treat. Examination of the teeth is carried out daily, gradually bringing this technique to the skill.

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