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Description of breed dog pointer

Pointer is a pegging dog primarily, that is, a dog making a stand in front of the game.

The dog pointer is an indefatigable runner, possessing an explosive temperament and olfactory mechanism characteristic of all high-speed breeds.

Pointer affectionate and obedient dog, whoseA tremendous vitality is expressed in tireless running. Dogs perfectly get along with their own kind (provided that they are given a good upbringing). They really like children who especially value them for their love of running.

Besides the fact that he is a wonderful hunter, the pointer can become an excellent companion to everyone who loves sports and long walks in nature.

Each dog breeder strives to produce individuals whose characteristics are as close as possible to those described in the standard.

Obviously, to achieve such resultsIt is necessary to choose as producers copies, in which the physical and functional characteristics of the breed are expressed to the maximum. Selective work, conducted on all the main criteria, will not slow to give good results. It is also important to remember that nature does not make jumps and it is impossible to improve the breed in one year.

Hunting qualities of a dog, determinedA combination of two factors - natural properties and training. A hunter can not influence the natural properties of a dog, in terms of their volume, but it can turn them to their own advantage and, through proper training, achieve the maximum manifestation of the inborn abilities of the animal.

Let's go through the "places of military glory" Pointer. Imagine that we hunt ... in those lands that Lady Oaklen, the dog judge from England, compared to the Scottish heathland, and Giulio Colombo found it perfectly suitable for assessing the exceptional hunting qualities of this breed.

Time has not changed anything here: Neither roads, nor any other structures still violate the pristine beauty of these hills and plains. But the lake is full of feathered game. Natural meadows alternate with wide stripes of wheat fields and wild partridges, Pointer's favorite prey, again returned to these places.

A pair of pointer, descendants of the breed that has long beenDominated among hunting dogs, hastily examining the terrain ... On the hunt, first of all, we need to determine the question - under what conditions is it possible to cross-search for game? - provided that there is no obstacle in the way of the dog. It is always useful to accustom it to methodical combing of territory (such as "shuttle").

Cross search is not a manifestationIndecision on the part of the pointer, and not an exquisite sight for someone who wants to enjoy the sight of the dog at work, but an effective way of surveying the terrain, in which there is not a single corner where the game could hide from the dog's subtle scent.

When dogs explore the area away fromHunter, then such an advanced search is useful in all cases, as it saves a lot of man's effort and allows the dog to quickly reach the place where the game lies. ... And here the dog instantly makes Rack!! And we are witnessing a thrilling finale, when the dog and the game finally come face to face. " - Are you here?! I know it! Now we'll have a look at who ... "

Rack - Obviously, it is an olfactory reaction, this isA kind of reflex, conditioned by the certainty acquired through a sniff near the prey. The dog breaks off and instantly freezes, as if the "freeze frame" was pressed. A friend of the couple stops at the same time as a solidarity sign. Now the pointer who made the bar, Leads the game.

Doing - is an indispensable condition for completionManeuvering. The dog moves toward the game carefully on a thin thread, issued by it, smell, periodically making stops. This action allows her to maintain direct contact with the game, and once again proves the sophistication of such a method as the rack. Here all decide the nose and brain.

After so many efforts, invested in the search andKeeping game, at the moment of its take-off and subsequent falling, the dog retains its stoic immobility. This self-denial is even more impressive at the stage of searching and bringing in the killed game, when the dog hands his prey to the hunter's hands!

History of dog breeding. San Guido 1950 year. In this year, the first most prestigious match of pointers and setters "The European Cup" took place, in which Italy took the first place with the Pointer Gledom - de la Gaillot, Which belonged to Dr. Ernesto Kappaloni. The second is France with the pointer Union de la Joyet.

In the meadow adjacent to the picturesque San buildingGuido, dogs move freely, play, enjoy freedom, and they simply can not remain immobile! Looking at them it is impossible not to remember the words of the famous cynologist Dr. Barbieri "An animal is fine only when it best corresponds to the purpose for which it was created."

Therefore, the words "beautiful" and "useful" areSynonyms. And, as for the service breeds of dogs, sooner or later the individuals with an aesthetically pleasing exquisite appearance will fall in value, but they are almost or completely devoid of the characteristics of the type and design required by their service.

Let's look at the canter of modern pointer. Here will be appropriate comment Arkrayt "... we go hunting with their dogs to have fun. Their manner of searching with a high head and an unusually moving tail, as if by magic, develops our boredom in places where there is no game. And their grace and grace during the stand will raise our mood and with it the chance for a good shot. "

Our goal is not to show you eclecticThe actions of the pointer prepared at the exhibition for a certain number of minutes to depict the most correct and refined poses. It is much more interesting to look at the "live" work of a dog that still go hunting and is forced to adapt to those conditions of the terrain and game that in the late nineteenth century forced the English to abandon hunting with the cops and switch to the method of round-up.

It is the combination of flair, passion and mind that makesPointer's work is a beautiful performance. "The pointer skips with his feet ... and wins a flair" - said beautifully. V. Arkright: "All the beauty of the pointer's work consists precisely in his endurance while preserving the natural passion. Pointer must be as passionate as a foxhound, and soft as a child. "

Hunter is not a destroyer of wildlife, asMany believe, but only the custodian of a historical tradition in which there is no place for violence. The only culprit in the death of animals is the so-called "progress" led by the "great being" named Man.

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